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Rumors! Why its Best to NOT Entertain

Rumors! We all have had to deal with them at some point. They can be informative if received the right way but…

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Highlights of “A Getaway”

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And Suddenly…

It’s ok!

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Whoa! I made it! 1 Year Blogging Anniversary

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The truth about being Consistent

Sacrifice…benefits in disguise​

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The WHY? of needing Goals

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Why I Love Restaurants​

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My Trip South

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Strawberries The Heart-shaped fruit

Cauliflower-a formidable weight-loss agent

Arugula-the other green leaves​

Stress? Fight or Flight Part II

Stress! That Fight or Flight Feeling

What’s In your Life Tool Bag?

Investing in New Year Health Resolutions? Expect Benefits!

It Won’t Happen Overnight​


Separation?Hmmm?? Communication is Key!

Autumn: A Time of Preparation?

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What Strategies to Employ when Facing Difficulty!

Sometimes One, just needs a Reset!

A Healthy Lifestyle Change Is Good

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