A Healthy Lifestyle Change Is Good

posted on August 13, 2017 by Al Bell

Hi, everyone! Hope you had a good week! I did! Busy, but went well.

So why do I promote healthy eating you ask? Why the change? Well, let me share a story.

Some years back I adopted a particular lifestyle routine. It was busy, meaning I had a regular job, very little sleep, some exercise and a diet that included eating fatty foods; pizzas, burgers, and plenty of processed foods.

My energy level was quite low which resulted in me wanting to sleep all the time.  Although I rested for a good seven to eight hours, I still felt a bit fatigued.

This all was multiplied by the fact that I noticed my clothing fitting a bit snug too. Lol.

So after feeling like this and realizing this was not a healthy lifestyle I decided to make a positive change with regards to my health.

I concluded I did not want to feel the way I was feeling anymore and wanted to lose the weight. This led me to seek expert/professional help, change what type of foods I was consuming, include supplements, and develop a physical fitness regimen.

The change resulted in a complete body transformation from the inside out. The guidance helped me to get educated on the internal workings of the body with regards to it digesting foods and the intended purpose.

I developed a physical fitness regimen which helped me to increase my metabolism to burn off excess calories in addition to including supplements to help offset the loss of nutrition in foods. The change of mind was exhilarating.

Today I have transformed to a healthy weight that includes leaner muscle, an increased metabolism, higher energy levels, increased flexibility, a healthier taste palate and an active lifestyle.

If you’ve been going through the same physical fitness struggles I encourage you to reach out to a nutrition professional along with a physical fitness regimen to get on track with a healthier lifestyle.

You will love yourself for it! And others will see the change. Below I have included links that provide information on what a healthier lifestyle change affords.

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