The Reset! Not only for computers and cell phones.

posted on August 18, 2017 by Al Bell

Welcome back!

So, I had some trouble with my phone and after asking a few questions during my investigation it led me to guess what?

A reset!

Who would’ve thought just a simple reset of the phone would help clear the issue. Well, I did not but I understand the concept. For those who may not follow I’m referring to the action of just powering down and powering back up of any device. In this case my phone.

What I am referring to is that in life there will be times we just need a reset. Life for some can bring a variety of challenges ranging from managing food, navigating family concerns, dealing with medical circumstances, and overcoming substance abuse. Whatever the challenge one must find a way to reset.

So what’s in a mindful reset? Let me explain.

When my phone acted up I could not get the touch sensor to respond. It sorta froze up. No matter the length of time I gave it to recover there was no response. This is sort of the same thing that happens to a computer when it does not respond after opening too many applications and performing too many operations too quickly.

Well, if this happens the solution many times is to give it a hard reset meaning the device has to be turned off and then back on. During this time, the internal device operating programs are given a chance to realign themselves. This, in turn, helps the remaining sub programs to follow suit. Kinda like puzzle pieces that fit together properly.


Knowing this, the mind can be introduced to lots of information. Productive and encouraging things as well as non-productive and negative things. The challenge is for one to remain focused and on point to their goal.

Over time there is a chance one can get over whelmed by what is seen as opposed to what is believed and ultimately lose sight of the original goal.

A reset can be a mechanism that helps one to refocus on their goal.

Maybe, it is the time spent reading ones favorite motivational author, going on a special retreat, embarking on a challenging hike, or simply spending time away alone where one can reconnect with his God.

In all, the intended result is for one to come out a better being with a renewed focus, and a refreshed spirit.

Once a year, I embark on a reset. I encourage my mind and body by spending time reading positive spiritual material and I also reset the physical body by fasting. Both do wonders for the mind and body. The reading reminds me of whats important in this life while the fasting helps to reset and rejuvenate the internal workings of the organs and systems.

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So, if you need to refocus on your goals a reset could be your option.

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Till next post stay encouraged!

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