What Strategies to Employ when Facing That Difficult Person!

posted on August 26, 2017 by Al Bell

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Facing Difficulty?

Every day the goal is to provide a pleasant and delightful experience to anyone that may cross your path. No matter who or what one may encounter the goal should be to be an encouragement. At least this is my personal goal.

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That being said, do you ever find that to be difficult. I mean to focus daily on being that person who provides a positive experience to all who are faced? It can be challenging, but doable!

Besides conquering one’s own challenges, the task can be disheartening when the benefactor seems to be disinterested.

I know, we all have been there.

Specifically, when it comes to that one who is obviously not a team player.

Every day is about them! Their whole thought process is centered on not working together but pleasing themself. When you encounter them, the conversation is always centered around not assuming responsibility but blaming others.

It can definitely be disheartening. Especially when all available help has been afforded to the person.

Regardless, understanding behaviors can be the key to really getting a handle on helping the situation.

So, how does one deal with behavior that is self centered and not team focused?

Well, here are a few helpful tips!

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  • Patience is key- Always remember we are all unique and created in our own pattern. Since this is the case we are unique. This uniqueness can translate into good things as well as the bad. This could mean just as one is a fast learner in things another might not be so. If this is known then a bit of patience might be the solution to helping understand the behavior.
  • Spend time with the individual– If you are a people person then this is an easy strategy to incorporate. Spending time with another allows for collaboration and open discussions. This strategy could reveal plenty about another’s motivation.
  • Provide positive feedback– Sometimes an individual exhibits a certain behavior because of a past traumatic experience. The individual could be plagued with self-worth concerns and is looking for affirmations. Providing positive feedback could help to give the individual the confidence to overcome and change the behavior.
  • Be Aggressive in Listening– Many times confusion can set in just from the two parties trying to outtalk each other. This is definitely a recipe for disaster. Making not only an effort but an aggressive effort to listen is one’s ace to success. When adopted, one can expect to receive understanding and clarity of another’s point of view.

One of the most gratifying things in life is to be in a position to help others and see that help benefit. The help can be providing a word of enlightenment, encouragement in reaching a goal, a warning to counterproductive behavior, or simply providing motivation to have a good morning. Whatever the offer stay focused and diligent.

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When it is all said and done, staying true to yourself is what matters. One can take solace in the fact that a serious effort was made to help.

Stay true to your own Goal and never give up.

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