Magnetic! Who KNEW!

Who knew? So many things where the opposite attracts. Take for instance the mallard ducks. The female duck is not as colorful as the male but designed for a purpose.


Of course, we know of the North and South Pole how the opposite poles allow for magnetic energy to flow which in effect manipulate earthly weather patterns.


Let’s not forget about male and female and the differences that open the door for there to be an attraction or shall I say something magnetic.



What is it about being magnetic? Well from just a few examples:

1. there is a difference in physical make up

2. there is a purpose in not being the same

3. the opposites have a connection

The female mallard has been designed with a color that is low-key and helps her to be camouflaged from any enemies.

Outside of the The North and South Pole being physically opposite of one another the unseen electromagnetic field connection help to stabilize global systems.

And of course, the opposite attraction between a male and female provide for offspring that increase the population.

So the magnetic attraction of opposites can be obvious.


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