Enamored! Really?? It’s a matter of perspective.

It is difficult to be Enamored in anything today; especially life. This could easily be the statement made by someone today given the current world conditions. The question is, from what perspective is one making the statement?  Is it from a well to do background or from one that is not so great?

Is it from a well to do background? You know, the lifestyle where one practically has anything that is wanted at their fingertips. If it is so desired it will be had. Procuring the funds to have that which is desired is no obstacle.


The not so great background may come with some challenges. Challenges, where the money to procure things, may not be as available.


So, Enamored ??.………It depends on your perspective.


Let’s not think that being in the position of well to do is all that fabulous. It comes with its own challenges.

  • others(family) expecting you to give hand outs because you are in that position
  • hard work to get there??? Do others know about that???
  • the effort spent in maintaining the business(position) against competition, fraud, taxes.

For the not so great background, things may appear more obvious.

  • living from paycheck to paycheck
  • basic health care and sustenance for the family
  • a system that inherently relegates a people to a predetermined lower social position.

As you can see, although the position encompasses different circumstances one can still have an objection.

In the end, one simply has to be an overcomer to be Enamored enamored in anything. Although

different circumstances but in a way, the same, one must overcome a challenge, an

obstacle or anything that may be a mountain. Only then can one be Enamored in the things of this life.


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Author: Al Bell

I am a fun and inquisitive individual that has a passion of sharing positive thoughts to encourage others. If it has anything to do with food , fashion, travel, encouragement, or fitness count me in! My motto is "Never complacent, always changing"!!!!

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