Is this your Time?

Is this your time?


For some, this time of year is what they have been waiting for, especially after dealing with the extreme heat and humidity of the summer. The relief of the weather alone can be exciting.

Others are excited cause this time of year brings special memories. These memories may bring to light special family engagements or unique friendship moments.


What makes this time of year fun for you? Is it

  • The changing weather. Imagining the cooler nights?
  • Schools back in? Oh Oh, this might or might not be.
  • The changing color of the leaves?
  • The advent of certain professional or amateur competitive sports?
  • The onset of October and pumpkin fever?
  • Certain foods for the time of the year?


I find it to be an interesting time of the year because of how nature reacts. Have you noticed the trees beginning to shed? What about the leaves? This time of the year reminds me that winter is coming.


Although I am personally giddy about the previously mentioned list, the chill in the night air lets me know that winter is around the corner. Not that I am excited about winter but the time reminds me that I need to address a few winter prep items.


  1. Is the car winterized (tires, right fluids)?
  2. Is the yard pretreated against weeds for the upcoming next year?
  3. If you have a home, is it winterized? The furnace working properly? Certain winter foods stored for the times’ bad weather immobilizes you?
  4. Proper winter clothing? Does it need to be addressed?

Is it the same for you? If not please add those things that remind us of this time of year in the comments. Happy Autumn/Fall all!

As a special note, I do not want to be insensitive to those of you who have lost loved ones around this time. Words cannot fully express the sadness of your loss. It is with the utmost respect that I write this.

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