Keep it Interesting!Let not distance spoil the Romance.

Keep it Interesting!

This follow-up post provides an option that can be used when a relationship, whether a friend or family, is strained by the possibility of leaving due to work-related duties.

This is the third part of my original post to “Having a good plan”.

The second post noted that “Communication is key if separation due to a job relocation is imminent”


So this third submission may take a bit of creativity! Let me explain.

You know how it is when day to day you see your friends or family member while doing whatever it is you do. If that is at work then day to day you go to work and fulfill your duties. I would assume this is common since most have some sort of means to keep the income flowing.

You rise and get ready. You travel to wherever it is you go. A service is performed and then you travel back. When you get back to your home there is something different. You find a gift! It may be flowers? Or an affectionate card?

Have you ever been the recipient of such affection? If so then you know the psychological effects.


Keeping the relationship interesting instead of the monotonous day to day activities offers a consistent spark that affects the psyche. Whether dealing with a friend, a family member, or a partner keeping things interesting is essential.

Below are a few ways to keep a relationship fresh and intriguing!

Keeping it interesting means one:

  1. Keeps the relationship lively.
  2. Keeps it feeling fresh and unique.
  3. Keeps all parties feeling special.
  4. Defends off the wandering mind.
  5. Promotes a consistent passionate state of mind.

How to keep interesting you ask?? Well, try these.

  1. Speak affection Often but not Overly done! Say how much the other means to you personally.
  2. Send affection attention items! Flowers, a nice card, an affectionate text, or a selfie picture.
  3. Have a mind to always show interest. Distance should not dampen the affection between you both.
  4. Use technology to send passionate notes.
  5. Note on a calendar the time of a “call” date.

These and others are just a few ideas that can keep the physical distance between friends and family seem nonexistent.

Not to be overlooked and more importantly is never forget to invest in the relationship by putting forth the effort of thoughtful time.

The thoughtful time spent will keep it all the more interesting!

Much love from your friend!


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