The Apple: The Power-Packed fruit

posted first by Al Bell on November 4, 2017

Hello everyone!

So in my fitness journey, I promised to share a few personal things that have helped me along the way. One of those things is the consumption of certain foods. Whether it is fruit, vegetables or carbohydrates I promised to share how it has positively impacted me from a nutritive and physical fitness standpoint.

Along the way, I have found certain foods to have provided maximum nutritional value while minimizing those compounds that can be counterproductive in reaching fitness goals.

In short, there are foods with high calories. These include foods that are high in fat, offer plenty of sugar, are low in fiber, and do not offer much in the way of nutrients. Most of these can be categorized as processed foods.

On the other hand, there are foods that offer just the opposite. They are high in fiber, provide plenty of essential nutrients, offer good fat, and yield naturally occurring sugar.

One of these such foods is the apple. It offers plenty of fiber, provides naturally occurring sugar, no fat and is loaded with essential nutrients. Check out its nutritional value!

Photo courtesy of: Yakima fresh

So how has it helped me you ask? Well

  • It has helped me to maintain regularity. Yep. Just as it is important to eat well it is extremely important to have good evacuations. Cause we just don’t want anything to hang around that does not need to be there after its used. Kinda like reusing old engine oil that has lost its viscosity. Not good— can lead to excessive friction and heat.
  • I mentally know I am eating a healthy snack which does wonders for my confidence. 
  • I am receiving a good source of Vitamin C with no sodium which helps to fight against hypertension.
  • I am receiving the naturally occurring flavonoids which help to contribute to the antioxidant properties which studies show to fight against certain cancers.
(Photo by Jen Nova, courtesy of Gardens Alive!)

These reasons alone help me to know I am contributing positively to my fitness goals of getting lean, increasing my fiber intake, and building my overall fitness confidence. Hope this personal experience encourages.

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    1. That’s great! My go to was bananas but now the apple. I bet it is difficult to get the kids to eat when compared to other sweets!🙂 thanks for the read!

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