Don’t believe the hype! You are​ worth it.

posted November 17, 2017 by Al Bell

Sometimes one has to drown out the noise and believe in themselves.

You are worth it! Do not let anyone entice you otherwise. If you are here in this present world then you mean something and have a purpose.

It’s up to you to find out what that is. For some, it may take a few trials or a few unpleasant circumstances. That is ok! That’s life! Life’s situations whether good or bad are all designed to make us into what we are to become.

Just think of the butterfly. In it’s earlier stages of being a caterpillar it does not have the ability to fly but as time and circumstance unfold it breaks forth as a beautiful butterfly.


We follow the same in life. When we are born into this world we take on an original form not intended to last our entire life. Over time we encounter life circumstances that are designed to mold and shape us into what we are intended. A beautiful butterfly.

Stay strong minded, safe and focused!

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