Holiday Stress?

posted first by Al Bell December 12, 2017

Holiday Stress?

Yes, don’t stress during this Holiday season. This is not the time to feel inadequate because you did not get a gift for everyone.

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Although this is a time of remembering to not be selfish, one does not have to feel guilty for not getting something for everyone.

If you have the means, then do so, but if you are like many, do what you are led to do. Give to those who are friends, family, or that person you do not know. Give a card or simply verbally express how much that person means to you.

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Sometimes our heart to give can be bigger than the means to do so. If so, do not fret! Stay within your means and know that it is the thought that counts.

The season for some is a time to reflect and bring into remembrance what was done by The Almighty. The SON Jesus was born into the world and provided a spiritual plan for all to follow. A Spiritual plan of giving and sacrifice.

In the same sense, the giving of life and sacrifice is what man is given an opportunity to do. Doing so on a daily basis plants seeds that can impact many and be most memorable.

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Just a reminder friend to enjoy the season without setting yourself up for financial regret when the time ends.

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