Welcome! Happy New 2018 Year

Happy New Year All! 2018 is here!

Hope you all had a wonderful time celebrating and you did it safely.

The year 2017 was definitely an eventful one. Personally, I am thankful! I learned a little more about myself in areas I need improvement. I was shown I need to be a better listener. Too much talking can cloud what one needs to hear and receive.


I learned to accept being patient. There is a divine word that says, “patience is a virtue!” Definitely truth! I thought about past times where I could not just fathom patiently waiting for anything or whatever to happen. Such an in mature way to view life. After many trials, I am continuing to learn and accept patience as second nature. Yay!

I found that in just these two areas alone if accepted and adhered to one can learn much about living a joyous, fruitful and productive life. Thank goodness!


So with entering the 2018 New Year, I have to tell you I am expectant and excited. Expectant because I have planted seeds in 2017 that I am looking forward to growing in 2018.

I have planted seeds for individual development. One that I share periodically is maintaining a productive fitness program. My goodness, so glad I started this! I began around Easter of last year and have seen a steady progression in inches, feel, and look. My look has changed cause I’m losing inches around my midsection. I feel wonderful! The lost inches help me model my clothes with confidence. Haha! And it all just looks good now. Hehe!

I started blogging friends! Yay! It has been a wonderful experience I tell ya. Meeting all of you has expanded my friend base as well as helped me to see aspects of this life from a variety of perspectives. Thank you for sharing!

That being said, the whole social media environment has been a learning experience for me. I consider myself to be a private person so as I was introduced to the social media environment I had to learn to break my shell. So glad I did! Yay! I was caught between having a desire to share my passion for encouraging others or keep it all pent up and not share. Geesh! So glad I was encouraged to break the shell and share.


So entering into 2018 I plan on continuing the fitness journey and meeting more fellow bloggers. I hope your New Year is full of joy and just as good or better than the last. Again I wish everyone a Happy and Productive New 2018 Year.


Much Love my friends and thank you!


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Author: asimpleview2017

I am a fun and inquisitive individual that has a passion of sharing positive thoughts to encourage others. If it has anything to do with food , fashion, travel, encouragement, or fitness count me in! My motto is "Never complacent, always changing"!!!!

7 thoughts on “Welcome! Happy New 2018 Year

  1. Those are some good goals, I need to work on my patience better too.

    Happy New Year and continued success in your Health and Wellness endeavors!

    If you’re not already doing so, definitely add a push-up regimen to your workout- just do as many as you can, write the number down, rest 60 seconds, repeat 3 times and do it every other day and you’ll see really amazing gains over time (nothing like the almighty push up for maximizing time spent working out,) but you already seen great results with whatever you’re doing so keep that up to my friend.

    Keep up the great writing puts the reader in a positive place!

    1. Yes. I agree totally! I love the push-up! It has been a go to of mine. I’ve done better with those overtime. It’s the diet that I pay close attention to🤣. Boy, I love eating but have to watch it! Thanks for reading!!

      1. You’re definitely doing the right thing by focusing on the diet, and having the push up as a go to move!

        Changing the diet is the hardest thing to do, but the most beneficial, and healthy eating becomes addictive in the same way unhealthy eating habits do, except healthy eating is the energetic gift that keeps on giving!

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