Investing in New Year Health Resolutions? Expect Benefits!

first posted by Al Bell on January 9, 2018

Hello friend!

A quarter of the year is almost through and if you are like many it is certainly a good time to kinda reset and reevaluate life.

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Many have decided to travel more, some have decided to engage in more social activities, and others have decided to better their health. Whatever the personal attention-getter it is always good to reevaluate to make things better. Even companies do it year to year so that in the end there is a better product or service. Thank goodness!


Bettering one’s health always ranks high when it comes to reevaluating yearly goals. The graph above highlights the increase in obesity rates since the 1960s and the concern. Today, when it comes to nutrition the typical American diet exceeds the recommended intake or limits when it comes to calories from added sugars, refined grains, sodium, and saturated fat.

When relating to exercise research shows that some states report adults exercising 3 or more times a week for at least 30 minutes while other states lag behind.  A National average for adults exercising was 51.6%.

With stats like these, it is easy to see why many today have a concern for their health. There is also no shortage of companies that promote eating, exercise, and diet plans.

The point is that eating well and having a routine fitness plan can yield great physical and mental benefits. Following, I have compiled a list of benefits one is to expect after accepting an eating and fitness plan. There are so many that I will have to post in two parts. The following statement should be personally vocalized.

So, this year because I have decided to exercise more and eat better I will see:

  1. Boost Energy-Have you ever met that person that seems to always be tired and unmotivated. After questioning, are they active or more of a couch potato? Chances are they are the later. Physical activity increases blood flow, raises heart rate levels and metabolism.  This will easily combat any sluggishness.

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  1. Builds Perseverance-This is a definite mental boost for someone who may struggle with giving up on things. Workout plans are generally personalized. One thing that is common amongst all levels is the attitude to persevere. No matter what age or level of fitness one must learn to persevere and overcome in order to reach their fitness goal.
  2. Lose Weight-This is generally accepted and widely known but just in case you did not get the memo here is a simple explanation. Imagine filling a car up with gas. It takes 10 gallons(37.8 liters). This is what it takes to run it. Let’s say you try to pump 15 gallons(56.8 liters). It will not take it because the tank is full. The excess will not be used. In the same sense, our bodies function at a base amount of calories. Consuming them will maintain the bodies functions. When more calories are consumed than what is normal, those calories unlike the gas that cannot be received in a car will be received by the body. Once received the body will more than likely store as excess fat. If nothing is done to alter this routine the excess calories will build and build and build. Yikes-weight gain! Knowing the foods and their calorie content help to defend against unwanted calories. Taking in fewer calories or burning them up(exercising) will help maintain. So important to become familiar with this aspect of nutrition.
  3. Reduces Heart Disease-Today, this is a familiar banner. It encompasses any disease of the blood vessels that affect the heart, veins, brain, valves, or extremities. According to the World Health Organization, this is the number one cause of death globally. Routine exercising and healthy eating help to minimize the risk.
  4. Calorie Control-Knowing the number of calories one consumes is extremely important. Too many can cause excess weight issues. Getting help in developing a plan to target foods that provide good calories and minimizing the excess will be a sure fire way to having control over weight concerns.

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So, to wrap up part 1 of Reevaluating the New Year fitness plan a few things to take away. First, remember to educate yourself. There is plenty of information today-health professional, doctor, internet, YouTube, friends, and the library. Second, stay encouraged! We generally tend to have a goal set and expect change overnight. Hmmm? Not so and unrealistic through simple workout routines. Remember our situation did not happen overnight, it took time. So be patient! Thirdly, connect with others who are experiencing a fitness change too. This can be an invaluable source of encouragement if you begin doubting.

Stay encouraged and stay tuned for part II…Investing in New Year Resolutions.

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Disclaimer: Not a professional but a health and fitness enthusiast. Always seek professional advice when making health decisions.

Author: asimpleview2017

I am a fun and inquisitive individual that has a passion of sharing positive thoughts to encourage others. If it has anything to do with food , fashion, travel, encouragement, or fitness count me in! My motto is "Never complacent, always changing"!!!!

7 thoughts on “Investing in New Year Health Resolutions? Expect Benefits!

  1. Great analogy about overfilling the gas tank; going to have to use that for training clients!

    Haven’t seen that bar graph before, surprising that overweight men and women has stayed about the same since the 60’s, but not surprised about the obesity rates skyrocketing, along with extreme obesity, very pertitent information.

    Looks like there is a trend towards the positive, at least for women with the nice downturn the past few years.

    That’s not surprising as most of my training clients over the years have been female and many have had spectacular results (as have men too, just much more women have signed up for the training). Time to step it up guys!!

    Lastly, I know we share a kinship for reading and fitness, and the advice for people educating themselves with good health information (like is found at the library and PBS-not the magazine racks at the grocer trying to sell something!) is directly related to having success out there with goals.

    SO much truth in things not happening overnight, so not expecting it to change similarily, it’s a process and with consistent effort it will happen!

    1. Thanks for the read my friend. And your detailed response. Really appreciate and respect. I am glad to help you and others. Those trends are enlightening, aren’t they? Quite an eye-opener for me as well. Again, thanks!👍🏾🙂

      1. My pleasure, it’s such valuable information! Every single thing you posted would be the specific kind of things I would be telling my training clients, except maybe without the unecessary wordiness on my behalf. I know for a fact if everyone followed the advice you laid out, in the manner you presented it, there would be much less confusion, (as it abounds in the health and wellness world).

        It is extremely enlightening! You hear about rising obesity all the time, but to have specifics on it, really illuminates the information, and encourages one to think on it a little deeper than surface value.

        I thank you! I don’t go on facebook much, (except to share a WP blog every now and then,) but I’ll be going on shortly to share this : )

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