Stress! That Fight or Flight Feeling

First posted by Al Bell on February 10, 2018

Hi friends! Hope all is well.

All is well here but as usual, I’ve been thinking. Thinking about stress and how it impacts one’s life.


I, like many, have had to deal with stress at some point. Whether personal or business related, stress can affect anyone.

Just recently I encountered a potentially stressful situation but with proper stress management I was able to press through.

There are many folks who encounter stress at some point and have had to endure for a much longer time. This is why I decided to share a bit about what it is and how it can affect one physically and mentally.


In the next few post I will share what the definition of stress is, who can be affected by stressful events, when does a stressful event surface, what are contributors to a stressful event, what are the long-term side effects of stress, and the impact of stress on an individual. Afterward,  I will present options that may help one overcome stress triggers.

First, what is stress?

Well, it’s the feeling one gets when their heart races, their blood pressure elevates, their breathing quickens, and their muscles tighten.

This feeling is commonly referred to as the “Fight or Flight” feeling and one may or may not encounter this depending on their level of stress tolerance. This fight or fight feeling varies from one person to another.

For one person, missing a paycheck may cause them to panic while for another it is accepted as just another part of that particular work environment.  

In another instance, adding an unexpected project with a deadline can invite stress for one employee but for another employee, it can be viewed as an opportunity to tackle a challenge.

Stress affects men, women, and children, . Its affect can surface in various ways too.

For instance, someone who normally is outgoing could begin to be reserved.

The graphs show that stress appears to affect all age groups. The fight or flight feeling impacts the mind and does not discriminate.

In another instance, one who generally handles seemingly small situations could suddenly begin to be bothered and moody.


Trends show that stress is a very real problem that even touches the core of the family affecting children. In this case, children like adults are affected in varying ways that can result in the child being reserved, quiet, non-playful, sad, or even frustrated.

In this post, I have laid the basis for what stress is, the symptoms of stress, and who can be affected by stress. Any added tips and recommendations please leave in the comments section.

In the next post, I will focus on what the causes of stress are, the mental and physical impact of stress and what the long-term effects can be on one dealing with stress.

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2 thoughts on “Stress! That Fight or Flight Feeling

  1. I was just thinking yesterday how it was feeling overdue for one of your posts! Really appreciate the well researched, and put together information! The bar graphs from reputable sources always lend a eye opening addition to the material (that’s really awakening about the degree of different emotions children have when the parents are stressed).

    Looking much forward to the next installment on this stress post. Great stuff as always Allen, super thankful for this information!

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