My Trip South

Hi friends! Hope all is well. I’m excited! Excited to share with you my trip south. You ask, where did I go? We’ll let me tell ya!

But before I do, let me share this with you.


From now on, I am going to focus on four sort of guidelines to help me determine where and how I spend my trips (vacations) away from home.

They have to be Fun, Educational, Relaxing and Spontaneous.

Which is to say, will it have a fun element to it, will I come out knowing a bit more of the experience when it’s over, will I be able to relax at some point, and finally will it have a bit of spontaneity?


I came up with this after my last trip. It was freakn enjoyable.

As you would think, I started out with the usual plan of deciding where to go and why. I am kind of a history nerd so it was not too hard to decide on a few historical sights to lock in. In recent years this historical curiosity has energized me, even more, to plan my extended absences away from home in locations of historical significance.

So I decided to go south!

I traveled to the southern State of Tennessee and explored a Civil War Battle site which was a strategic lookout point for any army trying to keep an eye out for the enemy. This was amazing!

From there I traveled over to the next State of Georgia with plans to watch an old past time of America…baseball.

The nice thing about this was experiencing the great seats and the team’s new stadium. While there, I also traveled to that States oldest city…Savannah. Here, I viewed many of that city’s oldest landmarks and explored the African American rich history to which I was extremely enlightened to the impact in that region.


Next, it was on to the next State of South Carolina visiting a city well known in American history for its Civil War stance, its architecture, and its pivotal position regarding slavery…Charleston.

The time spent was definitely enlightening and jaw-dropping, to say the least.

Finally, heading back North, I ended up at the beach for a day to soak in a few salty waves and then travel back home.

The trip away from home encompassed all my personal request; learning more than when I arrived, enjoying a bit of relaxation, having an enjoyable time, and thinking of where to go on the fly. It was simply enjoyable.

During the entire trip, I really enjoyed the idea of traveling, the sight-seeing, the food, the architecture, the weather, and many other nuances.


So, if you do get a chance to travel away from home on an extended basis, definitely keep these tips in mind.

I’m curious though? If you are a traveler what tips do you suggest?

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for upcoming posts that highlight the details of each respective sight visited.

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2 thoughts on “My Trip South

  1. I love your four gudelines for a trip. I need to to think about those for our next trip and make sure we incorporate all of those into our travels.

    I think spontaneity in travel is underappreciated. People try to script and plan out so much of a vacation that it can easily take away from the fun. Sometimes you just need to wake up and go with what feels right, and not with what the guidebooks say or your original itinerary says.

    We try to have a balance in our travel so that we are not too tired out. We always remind ourselves that it is impossible to see everything at a location and that we can always come back. Of course, we usually end up not coming back because we want to experience a new and different place for the next trip!


    1. Thanks so much for your comment! I am so glad you agree. Until now, I never really had any such guideline outside of just getting away in as you say a scripted way. This trip really opened my eyes to the whole aura of traveling away from home.
      That is great to have a balance! It is definitely needed so you don’t exhaust yourself!
      Funny, I find myself doing the same of not going back too on future trip plans. Thanks again for your feedback and thoughts . 😀👍🏾

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