Tips to Stay​ Upbeat

posted on June 27, 2018

Howdy! How are you?

I have learned in life’s challenges to stay even-keeled.  Not to get too excited or too down about any circumstance. Sure, it’s good to recognize the circumstance and contribute some emotion but not to get so involved as to be overwhelmed.


That being said I want to share with you a few tips I believe will help you stay upbeat through the waves of life. For me, these tips are likened to a stabilizer bar on a vehicle which assists the vehicle to maintain sure contact with the road. As you know, this helps keep the car on the road and handle disturbances such as potholes and other obstructions.


Just as you keep identification information on you keep these in your pocket too. Lol.

Keep in your pocket

  1. Good friends– A good friend is a jewel that will lend an ear as well as keep you in check when needed. He or she will provide the encouragement when needed or the guidance to get you through a circumstance.
  2. A Spiritual leader– This life is kind of a culmination of two worlds. One is the physical and the other is spiritual. The physical is what we naturally see with the eye and revolves around our five senses. The spiritual is what we cannot see with the physical eye but revolves around faith and morality. Connecting with someone who has devoted themselves to receiving and teaching these principles could be a valuable resource.
  3. The Professional- Our society has become a world of many disciplines. Financial wizards, medical students, automobile technicians, fitness gurus, travel explorers, food creators, technology experts, and blog professionals. This being the case, one has to connect with a professional to get the scoop on how things really work in that world. Sure you can possibly do your self but eventually, time management will have to be dealt with for you to effectively promote and function.
  4. Engagement– Socializing with others is a must in a world of others. Just think if you really wanted things to happen for you all the time where you are king or queen it would be a world of only “You” and “Lonely”. I don’t think we really want what is desired. Interacting with others is much like interacting with nature. Either is alive in its own being and rely on the air to breathe. The connection with others can actually be mentally therapeutic if mixed with a bit of humility. It can do wonders for social maturity.

Well, I hope you find these useful. This is not a complete do-it-all list but a few tips to help you in a pinch.

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Author: asimpleview2017

I am a fun and inquisitive individual that has a passion of sharing positive thoughts to encourage others. If it has anything to do with food , fashion, travel, encouragement, or fitness count me in! My motto is "Never complacent, always changing"!!!!

8 thoughts on “Tips to Stay​ Upbeat

  1. Great read. One thing I do to stay upbeat is avoid too much news. It doesn’t mean I don’t know what’s going on. It’s just they today’s news talks about the same negative topics 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with no new information.
    It’s like they forget that good things happen in the world too.

    1. Very good point! Thanks for read. 🙂I should have added that one as well. I do the same. Watching the news for me is quite limited. Besides I have Twitter to help me with what I need to know. Lol 😆 Great add👍🏾

  2. Engagement is #1 for me! I learned a long time ago to get out there and volunteer–even in a new town where I don’t know anyone. I get to interact and learn a bit about others. I always feel better after, even if I was feeling great to begin with!

    1. Well said Heather! I agree 💯! Gotta get out there and make some friends. That welcoming spirit will invite the folks, you know! And yes that feeling afterwards is wonderful! Thanks for the read!

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