Sacrifice…benefits in disguise​

first posted on July 17, 2018 by Al Bell

Sacrifice…A healthy option.

So, this week I endured the heat and humidity, completed two 2-a day workout sessions, and shared quality time with a few of my employees.

This kinda exemplifies a typical day and week for me. My highlight would be the workouts but we know, life is much more than that. Which is why I wanted to share how important it is to sacrifice.

As I go through each day, I realize we sacrifice more than we know. Think about it? From the time we rise and go on our way, there is some sort of sacrifice made.

If employed, one has to sacrifice their personal time to the entity that has hired them. If you have a family, then sacrificing time and money is expected. With sacrificing one may tend to lose sight that it is a good thing.


It boils down to perspective. Here are a few tips to help one manage.


  1. Is Apart of life-There is no easy way to break this to ya. Sacrifice is here to stay and the sooner it is accepted the better off one is. As mentioned earlier, to sacrifice is to understand that if there is anything worth having one will sacrifice something at some point.  Just think about what you have now that’s worth keeping.
  2. May not feel good at times-To put it bluntly,  going for anything worth having may not feel the best while going through. For example, I have mentioned at times enduring a physical fitness workout. I enjoy workouts and what the end result can bring but the day to day and week to week routines are a sacrifice. I would love to wish for perfect health and body but reality says I have to physically put forth a sacrifice to achieve the health results desired. The sacrifice will include foregoing certain foods and snacks for a time. It may mean completing workout assignments at times when I feel lazy and unmotivated. Regardless, if I want to achieve the health results I must endure.
  3. Sacrifice brings benefits-This is my point! HANG IN THERE! NO matter what the goal, if it is worth reaching stay in the day to day and week to week sacrifice. Sacrifices are seeds planted at some point then over time yield positive results. This could mean good health numbers, an increase in pay from your employer(subscribers), a student’s success based on your tutelage, a progressively healthy patient, or even a changed-heart spouse. These are just a few examples. The point is that sacrifice does not have to be looked at in a negative sense. When viewed from this perspective one knows it is just a matter of time before a circumstance, situation, or condition changes.

There ya go! Just a few tips on sacrifice that hopefully help you make it through to your goal(s).

Of course, this is not a complete list so feel free to share your points in the comments. I would love to hear them.

Michael Korda

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6 thoughts on “Sacrifice…benefits in disguise​

  1. An inspiring post. Most people aren’t able to get ahead just because they aren’t willing to make the necessary sacrifices. I should know, I was in that same boat.

    1. Well said Kris! Haha! 👌🏾 we must have been in that same class then, cause I made the same mistake my friend! Only after a few hard knocks that I realized I had to make up my mind. Thanks for the read!

    2. Well said Kris! Haha! 👌🏾 we must have been in that same class then, cause I made the same mistake my friend! Only after a few hard knocks that I realized I had to make up my mind
      Thanks for the read.🙂✌🏾

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