The Truth about being Consistent

posted by Al Bell on July 22, 2018 (revised)

If you want to win then be consistent in a good thing.

Gotcha thinking right? Well, your are not alone. This revelation hit me like a brick wall.

Let’s think about it for a moment. I ask you to think about several of your most successful people that have personally impacted you. It may be your mother, it could be a coach, a writer, or even a public figure. Whoever it is, I bet he or she has a quality that has impacted you to the point it has left a positive impression and that is admired.


I have personally found that within each of my favorite successful people that individual has displayed a few admirable traits.

For example, I admire what actor Will Smith has done. Although not close I can remember going to parties he and Jazzy Jeff use to conduct. At the time they both were known for throwing great parties filled with easy going rap lyrics and mind-blowing mixes. I can remember his funny and memorable acting on the Fresh Prince of Belair TV show and his presence on the Big screen.

For me, his transition from the streets of Philly to the successful acting career is quite impactful. Maybe its because I am quite familiar with that era? Regardless, his persistent pursuit to excel, his down to earth humor and his perspective of others are what I find most beneficial.

Powerful Quotes

Will Smith is quoted as saying “If you’re not making someone else’s life better, than you are wasting your time. Your life will become better by making other people’s lives better.” Make the world a better place and you’ll make your life better too.

You know as we journey through this life we may face a few highs and lows. Regardless, the aim should always be on the prize…whatever that is. Once we reach it, only then can we enjoy the fullness of the journey, whether easy or tough.

That being said, it is important for one to be consistent no matter what obstacles faced. When one is consistent in pursuing their goal a few character building traits are developed along the way which makes reaching the goal less of a chore and more desirable.

These attributes can vary from person to person but at the core, there are a few key qualities that all who attain their dreams possess.

One who is Consistent will…


Develop Discipline – There is no doubt this life quality varies from person to person. It almost seems to be quite allusive too when you look out over the vast majority of folks across all job fields. The thing is, as with most life lessons it has to be learned. That may take time depending on the individual. Some learn quickly! Adapting to whatever sacrifices are necessary to achieve a dream. Others seem to toil with it from day to day, week to week, and year to year only to find out that time has slipped them by. For the one who accepts this character trait, there is an understanding there will be times of sacrifice and gut-wrenching determination to complete whatever task is necessary for achieving the goal. Sometimes sleep is compromised, early attendance is expected and/or unwanted participation is the norm.

Build Trust – If you are into social media then this is a definite quality one must accept. Trust in any relationship is important. When developed it can create a bond that no-one outside the sphere could easily break. So how is this built? I am so glad you ask. Through consistency of course. When a consistent stream of reliable information mingled with a relatable personality is shared a platform of trust is built. From there and over time will trust be given a chance to grow.


Promote a Standard – At the core of being consistent develops a Standard! This Standard is a core character trait that shows up anytime that particular person shows up. Like trust, it is established within early and then developed over time. As engagements are met, clients are mentally engaged and physically motivated a Standard begins to be made. Over time and with successes others will begin to expect value from the connection made. The value accepted will equate to a Standard of quality expected anytime information is shared.

These are a few important takeaways to being consistent. I am sure there are more. If you have additional character points please share them.

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6 thoughts on “The Truth about being Consistent

  1. Another great post. I thinks it’s also important to remember that it’s ok if you deviate or fall off your consistent path, as long as you don’t hesitate to get back on. The longer you wait, the harder it is going to be to get back on.

    1. Very valid point Kris and well taken! A longer than usual hesitation could be fatal to forward progress. Thanks for the thoughts my friend! 🙂👍🏾

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