3 Easy Tips to Be Productive

Posted by Al Bell December 29, 2018

How productive are you? This remains the question to anyone who lives this life and intends to prosper. 

And, it is a valid one too. If one plans to be successful and impact others, a key metrics to go by would be productivity. It can be an easy one to measure if one is a go-getter. 

Measuring productivity is quite easy.

Simply take a look at where you are now with your business product /service and compare it to when you started. The change shows a quick glance of wether you increased, decreased, or plateaued with your business numbers. An increase in sales shows one did well. A decrease points out there will need to be improvement. Analysis that reveals the numbers staying about the same could mean the business is doing well but not well enough.

In this post though, I want to highlight a few easy steps to help one prepare to be productive in their life. These three steps will definitely set one on the right path to success.

3 Easy ways to be Productive

  • Getting Rest-Simply put, one cannot perform any function productively without the proper rest. Sports teams have to rest up before a game to ensure the strength is there to execute plays. Imagine a doctor preparing to operate on a patient without proper rest. This would not go over well. Today, many are busier than ever and perform daily task on what I call rest fumes which is not the most idea of circumstances. It is also recommended by the NIH that adults get 7-9 hours of sleep a night.1 The trade off is a rested mind to make good decisions and body to function throughout the day.
  • A Health and Wellness plan-According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention the presence of obesity rates were 39.8 percent which affected 93.3 million people in 2015-2016. 2 The trend is alarming and points to the need of one adopting a health and wellness plan. A good health and wellness plan will include a nutrition component that includes simple but nutrient dense food. Finding a Registered dietician should not be a problem either. Today, there is no shortage of those committing their time to learning all the nutritional aspects of food. Just do a search on the internet or even investigate the Instagram social media platform. You will be sure to connect with someone.
  • Rise early-If you are fortunate to work a 1st shift job then you know the benefits of rising early. Plenty of day to day business transactions are performed during the daytime hours. There are plenty after-hour transactions going on too but society uses the day time to conduct much of the face to face business. That being said, rising early each day sets the tone for being productive. Especially if you have accomplished something like “Make your Bed”. 3 Below I have attached a link that explains the importance of making your bed each morning. Once that’s done or something like it, you prep your mind to accept any challenge the day brings. This does wonders for the psyche! 
  • Eliminate Distractions– Well, I added another tip! This is a common one that affects many today. With the media bombarding society with plenty of information one is already overwhelmed with the task of deciphering what’s important. To add, many already have cell phones that afford quick access to this information. All of this adds to the potential distractions one has to face. Turning off the phone, minimizing social media mechanisms and limiting television viewing can all help to defend against distractions. The benefit can be more time spent getting those necessary things completed.

Incorporating these tips are a great way to encourage productivity whether for business purposes or for personal. 

Getting enough rest can lead to improved physical fitness throughout the day. A health and wellness plan will provide the nutrition and physical fitness for the body. Rising early will mentally set a productive tone for the day.

As one progresses through the year, what better way is there than to incorporate 3 Easy Ways to be Productive.

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