Quick Tips to Manage the Unexpected Challenge

First posted by Al Bell January 26, 2019

The tumultuous past! Yes, it can offer mental pain and anguish. Especially when there have been unique relationships built. This post is written as a help to manage if not provide a solution to the possible mental struggles encountered after encountering a life challenging moment. It is not intended to be a cure-all but a self-help tool.

As beings who live in an earthly world, one has to expect all that encompasses it. The world revolves around life, death, and the 5 senses. Within this framework and as fleshy humans we will encounter life’s ups and downs. Although this is the case, one does not have to allow circumstances to steer them from success and enjoying life. 


A key life principle to put in the treasure chest is knowing, when one’s mental perception is changed their outlook of circumstances can change. This is an important life principle not to be taken lightly. Remember the mind can be likened to a sponge. It is ready to receive information but like as water is purified through filtration, there likewise needs to be a filter to clean up per se, the mental perception of what one is encountering. 

That being said, knowing life’s challenges happen for a reason can help to provide some solace while going through. Regardless of whether they are self induced or encountered by fate one can expect to receive some comfort while in the midst.

Here are a few tips to help one navigate through life’s challenges.

  • Grieve if needed-Grieving is a naturally respectful part of life. Doing so, shows empathy and one’s caring side of another.
  • Express empathy-if you have ever been on the grieving side of life, then you would definitely understand. Showing empathy and compassion toward others in their time of need speaks volumes. Empathy simply helps to humanize the situation. 
  • Express those Thoughts-if one does not, then just as a bomb explodes from internal pressure outwards one will do the same. Speaking out of one’s thoughts to someone who is trusting can be a a serious pressure reliever. A listening ear is definitely soothing to the mind.
  • Grief Fuels Mentoring-Every life situation is a learning experience designed for one to grow. From each experience one learns a bit more of what life has to present in addition to learning how resilient they can be in the face of a circumstance. The culmination of information can lead to one being an example and mentoring others.
  • Seek guidance-Seeking guidance through a circumstance can be one of the single most important actions one can do for themselves. As a life form on this earth we are not alone, so it stands to reason that we must work and learn together. Meaningful sound words are truly comforting in one’s time of need.
  • Incorporate Exercise-Including exercise into one’s life routine can help to keep the mind engaged in that physical activity. Exercise is also a healthy replacement habit as opposed to drinking alcohol or smoking.

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