Fast-Paced Times Demand Productive Measures

Posted first by Al Bell February 6, 2019

So much today is fast paced. For instance, ordering food quickly is not just based on fast food drive-throughs anymore. The internet has opened the door for even quicker transactions where one can order food and have it delivered a variety of ways. 

There was also a time when transacting money involved going to the bank and depositing a check then waiting a day or two for it to clear to receive the money. For some, this way of transacting business is still a way of life but for others it certainly seems antiquated and delayed.

With all the fast paced operations of the day one could easily be overwhelmed and lose focus on accomplishing goals.

In order to stay up on the fast paced transactions of today one will need to develop a system to help achieve weekly goals. 

Below I have presented a list of helps to navigate through the weeks challenges.

  • Weekly Planner-the use of a planner can be invaluable. A planner helps to map out what plans one has in their head. Writing down daily task with the goal of completing those tasks helps to hold one accountable too. A planner will also be a visual map that shows the goals to be completed along with the goals that are still left undone.
  • Start Early-there are many benefits to rising early. Outside of getting a good start to the day, there is the fact of one allowing themselves to be more productive. Early risers tend to take advantage of the few extra hours by working on those tasks that need addressing. SleepAdvisor notes that not only does rising early help one to have more uninterrupted time while others sleep it also tends to allow one to think clearer and make better decisions when compared to making decisions in the afternoon. Of course, going to bed in a timely manner to allow for good rest is key.
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  • Napping Periods-getting plenty of sleep is essential to performance. If one does not get enough, productivity can be jeopardized, that’s why napping can be a key action within one’s weekly plan. If you have a busy schedule, feeling as though there are not enough hours in a day, or are exhausted, napping might prove to be useful in accomplishing those weekly goals. It is recommended by the MayoClinic to nap in the early afternoon with a goal of 10-20 minutes. The results can lead to improved alertness and reduced fatigue.
  • Incorporate Fun-There is a saying that says, ”All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” This is certainly true, not only from a physical standpoint but mentally as well. Spending time playing games, watching a movie, or doing something other than work can be such a stress reliever. Marc Bekoff Ph.D., contributor of Psychology Today notes one can do themselves well by goofing off. Just as animals play because it’s fun, he suggests humans engage in the same. Having fun will help one to expend energy in a stress-free environment.

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2 thoughts on “Fast-Paced Times Demand Productive Measures

  1. You’re right; if we don’t find ways to make the most of our time WHILE incorporating some fun in, we’ve missed the daily joy of life. As you can imagine, these two—along with setting a BIG vision for ourselves—is our new mission in life. Whatever we do, we try to make sure it is aligned and that there’s some joy in it for us. Thanks for sharing some awesome advice!

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