Highlights of “A Getaway”

posted by Al Bell on June 25, 2019

Hi friend! What’s going on? Hope all is well. I’m excited! 



I had a chance to travel and get away for a bit. Excited enough to share the experience with you. I realized that I would not only learn a few things my but it would be good to share with others the importance of taking a break. 


You see, there was a time I was consumed with thinking I would have to commit to working all the time without taking any breaks. 

So glad I have had a chance to change that way of thinking. I have realized there are a few benefits to taking a break or vacation from the demands of a work schedule. Here is a short list as to why it’s important to take a break sometimes.

For starters there is

  • Mental break-This is so important to do. So many times one can get caught up in the day to day routines of a job and lose track of living life. Ones life does consist of earning some type of income and the demands that come with it but it also includes spending quality time toward family and others. Maintaining a proper balance between work duties and personal obligations is key toward Quality of life.
  • Physical rest-Today many fail to get the proper rest. Sure we all function throughout the day to meet demands but do we get the proper rest to function with alertness and purpose? Stats show that many today are slacking when it comes to getting the required amount of quality rest. This could be attributed to risk such as anxiety and /or depression.1 Resting periods vary among the age, sex, and especially if one has an occupation that requires plenty of physical exertion.2 The proper rest is huge when it comes to mental awareness. Jobs with a priority to safety can be impacted.

Below are a few stats regarding Sleep and Sleep disorders. The stats are enlightening.

  • Inspiration-Sometimes the break spurs on inspiration. You would think the inspiration would continue to flow and in some case it does. The issue comes when  work related requirements come and drown out those thoughts. Keeping a notepad and pen or some way to document those inspirational thoughts will help one to remember them. A much needed break opens up the opportunity for the ideas to flow freely without being obstructed.
  • Change of perspective-In the midst of fulfilling job-related requirements the mind can get consumed and overwhelmed leaving one to lose perspective with regard to living life. Maintaining a proper balance with personal and business activities will allow for harmony. For example, not focusing on work related obligations can lead to someone getting hurt who depends on you or even orders not being fulfilled as they should. A time away can allow for the mind to reset on those things of order and lead to a retuning of perspective. 

Well, these are just a few points with regards to the benefits of taking a vacation. I know there are more. Please leave in the comments.

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