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posted on December 4, 2019

Hello friends! Hope all has been well. If times are challenging, it’s ok. Remember that’s the reason for the website The WaterWhole. It was built to be a resource of encouragement when one is feeling down and a confidence booster providing hope while promoting a healthy lifestyle.

If you have it all together we can use your help too. Positive vibes can always provide a ray of light to an otherwise gloomy situation. Uplifting contributions are always welcomed.

That being said, my next guest to share thoughts on the Resilient Woman series is Cindy Kolbe. Cindy is a powerful example of resilience. After facing a traumatic life experience that could have derailed her family’s love for one another, both Cindy and her daughter Beth found the courage to press through their challenges and unite as a team to help inspire all. Read on as Cindy shares her thoughts concerning Resilience.

TWH- What is your definition of a strong woman? 

A strong woman knows who she is and what she wants to accomplish. As someone who experiences depression, I believe a strong woman also can be vulnerable and need help at times.

TWH- A resilient woman possesses these qualities. Explain. 

 A resilient woman possesses perspective, patience, and gratitude; these help her to function through a crisis. I struggled to find my resilience after my fourteen-year-old daughter Beth was severely injured in a car accident. In my new memoir, Struggling with Serendipity, I write about the challenges we faced after her injury. 

TWH- Could you name a few situations that highlight or showcase the Resilient Women in action? 

An unexpected crisis is sure to test our resilience. However, it’s okay to not be okay, and we need to give ourselves time. Adversity seems to necessitate resilience. In my book, I share Beth’s determination to be more independent, and the resilience demanded of every day. In addition to dealing with challenges, we were fortunate to travel from our small town in Ohio to Seattle, Harvard, and around the world.

TWH- What barriers if any may a Resilient Women encounter? 

Life always throws unexpected things our way, and every choice has consequences. No one knows that better than me. In May of 2000, I decided to shrug off my exhaustion to make it home after a long day. I fell asleep at the wheel, and when I woke up, my daughter Beth was paralyzed. But Beth made a decision that day, too. When she heard about her quadriplegia for the first time, she paused only a moment before simply responding, “Let’s talk about what I can do.”

My struggles with guilt and depression contrasted to my daughter’s, who challenged the physical limits of quadriplegia with tenacity and optimism. We became a team. In time, Beth helped me find a new normal. 

TWH- Is society recognizing the resilient women today and if so how? 

I’ve been encouraged by the support of women on Twitter and other social media platforms.

TWH- Who is your example of a strong woman? 

My daughter Beth is resilient and strong. The night she was injured in a car accident, she was able to accept her new disability and face forward toward regaining her independence. She built a life she loves. Today, she is a health policy lawyer and planning her May wedding.

TWH- Do you feel there are limits to being a strong woman? 

No, not if the definition of strong is inclusive of being human.

TWH- If you could help guide someone to being a strong woman how would you help them?

Finding your passion and volunteering always helps. I also think it’s important to know that being strong includes asking for help when you need it. When women support each other instead of competing, we are all stronger. Connections matter! 

Wow! Thank you plenty for sharing Cindy. Your point of “connections mattering” is so important. Just as the right connection can build one up a negative connection will tear one down.

Well, what do you think friend? Cindy has been sharing her story across the country in addition to utilizing all the major social media outlets.

Cindy Kolbe’s new memoir, Struggling with Serendipity, is available everywhere books are sold. She hopes to connect with you at one of her book events on her coast-to-coast book tour:

YouTube channel: Struggling with Serendipity

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