Life…the Unexpected Change

posted first on March 21, 2020

Life is designed to test one’s resolve! 

This may be a hard saying for one to accept but it is true. How many times while traveling along lifes’ merry way does one encounter a circumstance that seemingly goes against their direction. Yes, it happens all too often and definitely an important life principle to adopt early.  

Far too often it is through the test that seemingly push to the limit that one begins to learn that which in needed and be left with that all-important impression of what was gained.  

Today, many are living in a time where paradigms are shifting, and world challenges are being faced. No one Is exempt from life’s testing. It’s as simple as one taking a quick drive to the store to pick up a few items and suddenly encounter an individual who crashes their cart into the one you are pushing. The outcome will be dependent on one’s mental state.  

It can be best described as mental maturity or emotional intelligence depending on the school of thought. Regardless, one has to possess the patience to observe and receive the information from the incident and progress from there.  

This is one seemingly simple life example and there are others. I say simple with reservation because what is simple for one person might not be for another. What is key in any testing situation is the end result of what is to be learned. Sure, going through the testing can be a stretch, pressing the individual to the limits of persevering but the key is having a mindset geared to learn from the testing situation. 

It could be a variety of things one can expect to learn. It could be patience, joy, compassion, a lighter spirit, openness to change, or simply learning to adopt a healthier lifestyle. Whatever it is, look to learn in order to become a better individual.  

Below are a few tips to help one to stay focused and driven while navigating through any testing situation. 

  • Stay informed– Prepare to educate yourself. With any course, there is information that needs to be learned about the topic. Adopt a students mindset.
  • Exercise– Try exercising to get your mind off of the energies received from the test. The focus on fitness routines can help to refocus the worrying in the test.  
  • Develop a routine/schedule– A change in the daily routine may help. The change in schedule could help to reinvigorate creative thinking leading to new business ideas. 
  • Be Grateful– No matter what, be thankful. Always know you might think you have it bad but someone else has had it worse at some point.
  • Fight that urge– the urge to give in is ever present when one is pressed to the limit. Fight it! You are in it to learn something. Get out of it what you need to in order to be a better person. 
  • There is a reason– Understand there is a reason for being in the test. Whether it was self-induced or unforeseen know that it was presented for a reason. One must find out that reason in order to gain that which can help be a better individual. 

Know that at the core of life, circumstances happen for a reason. Sometimes settling down and opening the mind to that change will reveal something one never knew was in them.


10 thoughts on “Life…the Unexpected Change

  1. These are great tips! I think a routine is really important to keep, especially during this time. We need to keep our mental health up as well as our physical health. I hope you’re staying safe and healthy!

    1. Thanks for the read Michelle! yep you’re right. Although I slack sometimes I have always been a fan of routines. For me it keeps some form of normalcy you know? I am. Staying home. I hope you’re staying safe too.

  2. Great post! I think being grateful is really important. It’s easy to fixate on the negatives but it’s just as important to acknowledge the positives.

  3. These are brilliant tips, thank you for sharing! I’m finding that sticking to a routine and making sure I exercise daily is really helping me at the moment 🙂 I love your positive attitude, thank you for this inspirational and encouraging post. Hope you are doing okay, stay safe! <3 xx

    Bexa |

    1. Hey Bexa! you know it! So gald you’re doing well! I must admit I slack sometimes due to my working hours but I always find a way back. Appreciate your connection and always thinking the best for you! Stay safe as well.

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