Managing the Unexpected: when things go well

Managing the Unexpected: when things go well 

posted first by Al Bell on April 9, 2020


This seems to be the most common response when one encounters an unexpected life event. When it happens, what does one do afterwards or how will one manage the incident. The options might raise an eyebrow or simply a nod of affirmation.  

Far too often, one’s reaction reveals the true nature of feelings toward an incident which could prove to be costly if it is found to be just a prank. In addition, emotions could take over and cause one to lose their mental gravity over the circumstance. For example, how many times when driving does one find himself cutoff by another driver abruptly crossing over into the lane ahead. The scenario far too often is a common one.  

The objective of course, is to handle like situations with a mind of level headed courage which ultimately leads to peace.

So, what strategies does one employ to manage similar circumstances?   

  1. Embrace the situation– Instead of mentally not allowing the situation into your zone, make a mental change to allow it. It can be difficult since most times we have a plan that does not include the unforeseen circumstance. One ultimately understanding he is not in control of life circumstances can help to see the circumstance for what it really is and not be caught off guard.  
  1. It has happened before– Reality says the situation has happened before, it just has not happened to you at that moment. Realizing that life encompasses a series of mundane and repetitive processes engineered for us to learn from and grow can provide some comfort as one moves forward in their life journey. 
  1. There is a lesson to be learned- Life is the ultimate teacher so it stands to reason that we are students in class looking to learn. This can be a difficult concept to receive especially when we are so used to planning our days. The unexpectedness of the circumstance can throw one for a loop and cause loss of focus on the goal of learning. Understanding that life is the ultimate teacher and we are its students will help to ease the pain of unexpectedness. 
  1. Encourage yourself- Yes, speaking to oneself in the midst of the test can help. Teams root for each other in challenges, students encourage other students through lessons, so an individual can motivate himself while going through a life learning lesson. 
  1. Consider Empathy- If the circumstance involves another human being sometimes employing an empathetic mindset can help to smooth out any disagreements. Sometimes placing yourself in the shoes of another can help to see their point of view. It may be hard to do at that moment but with time and prudence it could prove to be the best choice. 

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  1. Very inspiring post my friend. There’s a lot of unexpected things going on at work now. And, I really needed to read something like this today. I agree that sometimes all we can do is to embrace the change, learn, and have the courage to keep going.

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