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posted on April 19, 2020

Welcome to the “Tell Your Story” highlight reel.

If you haven’t guessed it, everyone has a story. Within each, is identifiable life experiences, anyone can glean from if open to receive.

This is a brief Highlight Reel of anothers’ life journey designed to inspire. Have a coffee/tea and read on as Melanie shares her story.

When I’m not working, I love to try and get out into nature, exercise, or listen to a podcast. My favorite thing to do though, is to probably make a cup of coffee and chill on the couch with my favorite human and non-human!

I worked in digital marketing roles for eight years. Before that, I worked in IT, retail, recruitment, and ran a gift hamper business.

  1. Why did you start Chisani Creative?

I’ve always enjoyed helping and encouraging people to do more of the things that make them happy. For many of us, that’s growing a business or brand we feel proud of – something that’s bigger than ourselves, that feels purposeful. Eight years ago, I quit my full-time job as an accounts administrator to follow my passion for writing. This leap of faith led to some incredible opportunities, but it wasn’t until I got a content writing job at a startup that things really started clicking into place. That’s where I learned how to write for a brand and connect with an audience of potential customers. And while I’ve always had a love for writing, I’ve never enjoyed fitting into just one “box.” I was lucky enough to work on websites and branding projects during my career and this only fueled my desire for wanting to do more. Earlier this year, I realised I had a lot to offer and could help people put a digital spotlight on their business in a very genuine way. 

2. What hurdles (mental or physical) did you have to overcome to get your business started and continue on today?

Ahh, that’s the interesting thing about running your own business (as I’ve come to learn)! Those hurdles never go away. Being a solopreneur is a daily practice of investing in yourself – both mentally and physically. Because if you don’t, you’re setting yourself up for failure. Mindset and self-care are such big parts of my life. When I exercise or go for a run, I feel more focused, motivated and confident. And, when I make time for personal development or self-care, I feel more balanced and less stressed. Before starting my business, I didn’t really invest in my mental health the way I do now. I blamed a lot of people and situations and lost my spark for a while. I pulled myself out of that funk by focusing on being more present and giving myself permission to slow down. As a high achiever and perfectionist, that’s not always easy to do, but I’m learning to embrace slow living a lot more these days! Whether that’s walking or meditating or just sitting quietly and enjoying the moment for what it is – instead of feeling like I’ve constantly got to be doing something. I’m also learning that growing a business is a marathon, not a sprint.

3. What advice would you share with someone who wants to start a business?

Things are very different to the way they were eight years ago. I got lucky taking a leap without any proper copywriting experience and making it work. Today, people tend to have extremely high expectations because there’s a lot more competition. While I’m all for following your passions – and it’s something I really try to encourage people to do – I think it’s smart to be a little prepared first. Save up for starters, because it’s really tough out there. Skill up. Before taking the leap, do as many courses as you can (there are tons of good free ones online). Know how to do things before asking people to pay you for it. I see so many young people starting businesses but not knowing what they’re doing and expecting people to spoon-feed them. Be prepared to learn and to never stop learning. Talk to people in your industry to see if it’s really something you want to do. Try to build up a bit of an online presence so that you’ve got a base of people who want to support you when you start. And lastly, be prepared to make mistakes and possibly fail. It’s part of life, of business, of going after what you want. But don’t let that stop you – learn the lesson, dust yourself off, tweak, pivot and try again. Those mistakes and failures are what shape us and get us to the next adventure!

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