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posted by Al Bell on May 31, 2020

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When times get tough one has a tendency to seek out understanding for what is happening. This is good, for it generally begins to open the door to knowledge.

Knowledge you ask? Yes. The circumstance generally stirs up questions of why a thing is happening and hopefully leads to one gaining a little more knowledge.

Jack Lalane

It is so rewarding once one is able to gain a bit more knowledge concerning a thing they perhaps struggled going through.

For example, learning to change a flat tire at first could be a struggle for someone but when it happens the second and third time one should become a bit more comfortable with the procedure due to the knowledge gained.

The Blogger’s Survival Guide

To help with managing unexpected circumstances one should incorporate a few life learning techniques. One such technique is the reading of quotes extracted from others who have pressed through life’s challenges. The fact that another can identify with your similar challenge and has successful pressed through can provide an immediate boost of mental comfort and assurance that all is still well.

Quotes highlighted from many in all aspects of life can be viewed to help one see the brighter side of any life challenge.

Michael Korda

Paulo Coelho

Walt Disney

Allen Bell

Andrew Carnegie

I hope these are helpful in your quest for success no matter what you do.

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