The Year of 2020 COVID 19

An Essential Workers Perspective 

posted by Al Bell in June 2020

“Remain Steadfast” 

Remaining Steadfast is the underlying message from the Governor and his team. So far the number of Coronavirus cases reported by the Center for Disease Control (CDC) has risen from over 185,000 cases on March 31, 2020 to over 600,000 mid-April. It was noted by top CDC officials the number of cases would go even higher. 

As of this writing many are remaining steadfast in the main tenants of maintaining social distancing, disinfecting areas of concern, and applying hand sanitizer as needed but there is an ever-growing underlying concern by many of the need of getting back to work and providing for their families. Many are struggling with the need to provide for their families and pay bills. In light of this and COVID 19, many businesses have adjusted and provided alternate payment arrangements designed to help payers manage through the crisis.  

The MythBusters of Coronavirus 

The President has put pressure on officials too by making statements in the press conferences for businesses to reopen sooner rather than later in order to restart the economy. Governors and business owners alike are seemingly in a whirlwind of conflicting thoughts and have to make tough decisions on giving guidelines for businesses in their respective States permission to reopen in spite of COVID cases continuing to increase. For example, in the state of Georgia, although Coronavirus cases were high and continuing to rise, the Governor gave businesses permission to conduct business again. Most small based businesses such as barbers and hair salons were given permission to reopen. In spite of the charge though, the public and many businesses thought it was too soon and opted to stay closed. Those that opened operated under restrictions limiting customers, recommending the wearing of face masks when entering the establishment, reinforcing social distancing measures, and continuing to exercise diligent sanitizing methods. 

Times are definitely stressful for all. Businesses once thriving now have to learn to use other means of sharing their brands with society. Some are utilizing drive-thru or curbside services to accommodate customers. Although not open to capacity they are still able to conduct business without shutting down.  

??? on Wearing a Fabric Mask

Moms and dads are getting used to being around the kids all day long as opposed to the services of a daycare. Many have taken advantage of the time being together by watching movies, playing games or using popular video apps that engage all members. 

Venturing out into unchartered waters is what one faces today and allowing faith to guide you is key. Imagine a first time on a journey and all one knows is that it will turn out well. One has a few needed supplies and a relentless mindset to believe in the best outcome. This is the feeling during this time of the pandemic. One must endure knowing the time will pass. Many want to do the right thing so they endure instructions form authorities. Some are anxious! Anxious to return to work and have things return to normal. 

In the midst of it all, I can’t help but think of how things would have been if there was a plan to defend against COVID 19 and any other virus. From the start, it seemed as though there was no real plan of defense. Especially during a time of combat. Knowing that Generals usually formulate a plan with a strategy used to defend and/or deliver, there seemed to be lack of a planned strategy to defend against Coronavirus. A plan may have limited the amount of cases and deaths linked to COVID 19. It will never be known but one thing is apparent, 2020 will never be the same.

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