Read or NOT to Read:Your Blessing

posted by Al Bell on July 19, 2020

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Let me start by saying Thank GOD for the ability to READ!


In the most simplest of explanations, reading allows for one to quickly gain access to another’s point of view in written form. Whether that be in reading a book on cooking, deciphering a contract, or viewing a bank statement reading will allow one to gain a little more knowledge and insight from another who passes along the information.


I have certainly been a beneficiary of gaining knowledge from various entities willing to share or pass information. That is why I want to share a few of them now. The reads range from blogging tips, financial helps, and life guides. Some of the items are related to affiliate marketing and others are not but all are GOOD reads I recommend adding to your library.

One of my first financial reads regarding the inner workings of the stock market. One will get insight on what it takes to become a successful stock market investor.

Never Underestimate the Value of a Quote

As a young child I was introduced to the Holy Bible and told it would provide insight into mankind’s presence and purpose. It was true! One can expect to gain the meaning of life from this Good Read.


Life can present unexpected turns so when it does one has to improvise and be resilient. This is what one can expect to receive from this Excellent read!

The Writers’ personal Loss…AND SUDDENLY

Ones view of working and money is important especially if one is to seek financial wealth in their later years. This is a good read for anyone looking to start off with the right mindset with regards to working and earniing dollars.

These are just a few good reads! Most of which can be found with either a google search, book outlet or through Amazon. Other recommendations are welcomed and encouraged. Please leave suggestions in the comments.

If you would like a book review or establish an affiliate connection I can be reached here.

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