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posted August 13, 2020 by Al Bell

Welcome to the “Tell Your Story” highlight reel.

If you haven’t guessed it, everyone has a story. Within each, is identifiable life experiences, anyone can glean from if open to receive.

This is a brief Highlight Reel of anothers’ life journey designed to inspire. Have a coffee/tea and read on as Aislinn shares her story.

Dear Al,

Thank you so much for considering me to share my story in your highlight reel, I am so honored and excited to share my journey! 

First I would like to properly introduce myself and tell you and your audience a little more about myself.  My name is Aislinn Short and I currently live in Charlottesville, VA (C’ville for short 😊).  Living in Charlottesville has been an absolute dream with all of my favorite hobbies and activities so closely nearby! 

I love to go hiking through the woods with my husband and dog and after that I stop at a local winery, go for a tasting, and pick up a bottle or two 😉.  It also holds such amazing restaurants and boutiques down at their “pedestrian mall”, or as the locals call it the downtown mall.  Before quarantine hit, my husband and I would go downtown almost every weekend and I miss it dearly.  I can’t wait until I get to go back and try out all the restaurants and shop at the boutiques! #supportlocalbusiness!

Before I created my own blog, and what I currently still do, I modeled.  I absolutely love modeling, it’s a great way for me to get my creativity out and explore all areas of myself.  I haven’t modeled much these past couple of months for my husband and I just moved and then quarantine hit, however once it’s lifted I plan on getting back in the game!  Luckily, I have a very supportive husband who has been my photographer for some creative and fashion shoots I’ve been doing during quarantine.

Why did you start blogging?

I’ve been thinking for years to start my own blog however I was always busy.  Looking back, I hate that I waited so long to start blogging for I have so many stories that would have been great to share fresh off my head.  However there is no time like the present and once quarantine hit I decided I was going to be pro-active and finally start blogging.  I have so many stories to share, especially for young women who are entering adulthood and I want to help them and give any advice that I can. 

What hurdles (mental or physical) did you have to overcome to get your blog started and
continue on today?

I’ve just started blogging this past month and currently have not come across any mentally or physically challenging hurdles, however once quarantine is lifted I will be going back to my day job as an oral surgeon receptionist and I feel that it will be a little more challenging to blog however I am willing to accept the challenge and keep moving forward with it! 

Another hurdle I can see in the future for myself is some incredibly personal stories that I want to share.  It’s taken me a long time to admit these to my husband and I’ve never told my other family members, however I believe it’s important to share what I’ve learned through these personal experiences for all people but especially young women.

What advice would you share with someone who wants to start blogging?

My advice for anyone who wants to start blogging is to first find out what you want to write about, have a clear vision and goal set in mind.  This will help you create a target audience, find loyal followers/ subscribers, and make it easier to create your website!  I’d also recommend before setting up your website to have different ideas for blog posts already set up and see if they fit and aid your vision/goal. 

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Thank you again so much!!

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