What it Takes to Live Selflessly

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Published collaborative post on 10/11/2020

If you’re someone who feels as if the life you’re leading should be one that’s positive and you want to help those around you, selflessness should be your number one aim. Putting yourself first is easy, but being selfless and putting the needs of others before your own is where the real challenge lies. It’s something more of us should try to do. Here’s more about what it takes to live selflessly.


Seeing the Positive and Dropping the Unnecessary Criticisms

When it comes to judging yourself and judging others, you should always first of all try to see the positive. In life, it’s often tempting to be negative and offer criticisms rather than seeing what’s good. It’s something we’re all guilty of doing at one time or another, but if you make the effort, you’ll be able to start seeing the positives and not lingering on unnecessary criticisms.

Genuine Patience

Having patience with people is one of the key aspects of living positively and selflessly. When you’re genuinely patient, you’ll be better at understanding and helping those around you. If someone doesn’t understand something and you’re trying to help them, patience is vital. And that same concept can be transferred to so many different aspects of your life.

A Desire to Help Those Around You in Your Community

Wanting to help those in your immediate vicinity and wanting to have a positive impact on your community are all things that matter. There are plenty of charities that focus on things like health, wellness, and sports and you should see if you can get involved in those kinds of endeavors. You’ll soon see before you the positive impact you’re having, and that’s always a great feeling.

Listening Carefully

Listening and being a good listener is an important part of being selfless. So many of us are great at focusing on us and great at talking, but not so great at listening carefully and attentively to what other people are telling us. Communication is a two-way street and it only works if you’re listening and talking. In fact, listening is probably the more important of those two, so it’s something you should try to get better at.

Random Acts of Kindness

Simply doing something kind and positive without their being a particular reason for it is always a good idea and something that we should all try to do from time to time. Random acts of kindness might involve treating those in our lives who we feel don’t always get the appreciation and recognition that they maybe deserve. Or it might be about doing something positive and kind for your community; it’s up to you.

It takes effort and application to start living in a more positive way and being selfless in a world that so often seems driven by selfishness. There are lots of ways to make this change and to start having a positive impact, and the tips we’ve discussed here are all good places to start.

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