You’re not DeHydrated

posted on October 17, 2020 by Al Bell

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If you are not drinking water for hydration on a consistent basis, you don’t value your health! 

There, I said it! 

This is an attempt to convince one of taking up the charge toward a path to good health. Why? Well, it’s simple. Good health is worth it!  

That’s why I share my personal past health shortcomings and the change toward a more health-conscious approach.  Sharing this post concerning the need to stay hydrated whether one is on a physical fitness plan or not is an all important first step. 

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Let me say that your well-being is extremely important and one of the most prized possessions. The reason being is that it is the center of all one may want to do when it comes to enjoying life. If one chooses to go on a trip, plant flowers in the garden, go to their place of employment, or simply enjoy the sunset on a nice country drive, performing while in good health makes the experience 100x’s more fun. 

I have found hydration to be one of the key lifestyle changes that proves to be a great lasting health investment.

This may seem to be an easy task, but I have witnessed others including yours truly skimping on this necessary resource. 

The reasons range from being too busy to, it gives that gagging feeling when I drink it. Yes. You’ll be amazed at the excuses one will give against drinking plenty of water. 

So, why should one drink plenty of water? For starters it’s a great way to stay hydrated. Sure, other drinks have a certain amount of water the body can use to hydrate but not with the same purposeful intent as one who drinks only a glass of H2O. Most other drinks contain plenty of sugar or additional additives which can lead to other health issues if not approached with a healthy conscious.  

There are recommendations for the amount of water to consume to stay hydrated, but the underlining theme seems to point to the amount of consumption can vary greatly depending on one’s age, gender, weight, or physical condition/activity.  

For example, if one is active in sports, he/she should not only be consuming water before the activity but frequently during the activity and then after the activity is completed. 

Drinking plenty of water to hydrate is only one positive. There are others: 

  • water cleanses the inside just as it is used to keep the outer skin cleansed 
  • lubricates and cushions brain and spinal cord
  • Maintains fluidity through ligaments, cells, and muscles 
  • aids in digestion
  • can regulate body temperature
Chia Lemonade, Lemonade Chia, Chia, Lemon, Lemonade

Skimping on staying hydrated does have its side effects too. In extreme situations one can feel dizzy and be confused.  A headache is also associated with the onset of dehydration. Although I have not felt this bad, I have experienced the more common effect of being thirsty. This is one of the initial signs and most overlooked.

A quick check of one’s urine can reveal when one is on the cusp of not being well hydrated. Usually dark colored urine is the first sign one is dehydrated. In young children dry lips tongue or mouth may be visible.  

Common symptoms of dehydration can be:

  • extreme thirst
  • fatigue
  • headache
  • dizziness
  • less frequent urination

To sum it up, staying hydrated is important when it comes to one’s health and wellness. If one has an active lifestyle it is especially important to maintain plenty of fluids. 

Although hydration can come from a variety of sources it behooves one to pay special attention to the sugar content as this is an added ingredient that may or may not be needed at the time.  

Being familiar with the signs of dehydration are key for the health-conscious individual too. Know the signs!  

Always consult your physician for extreme cases of dehydration. Your health is worth it. The above chart can serve as a guide to monitor ones level of hydration.



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