Why Should One Stay Relevant

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posted by Al Bell on October 18, 2020

As one gets older everything changes. Take for instance the changes in the cell phone. When it was first introduced, the cell phone was the size of a shoe box. Now, it can be smaller than the size of an eyeglass case. Go figure! Advances in technology made way for this to happen and society has benefited.

This is just one example of something changing over time. Change can be expected in respect to music, fashion, engineering, medicine, transportation, and technology.  When this happens what does one do to stay relevant?

The quick and easy answer is to educate oneself. Today there are more avenues to do this. Traditionally, there was grade school and then on to higher learning but now with the advent of technology and brilliant minds there are several ways one can stay relevant to the changing times.

Brilliant minds have introduced a variety of video platforms like never before. After moving on from secondary education one has at their fingertips several sources to stay informed. Educational platforms like Khan Academy and Udemy can introduce the classroom atmosphere in a personal setting. YouTube, has grown to be one of the most, if not a main source of gathering information for many today. Many can attest to having a question about a person, place, idea or thing and quickly referring to this video format to receive a relevant dose of information.

That being said, staying relevant becomes especially important as one ages. This can be difficult for some because whatever paradigms one has adopted in the past could be challenged. Those things one has become accustomed to working with, may still work but not as efficient as compared to in today’s time.

For example, when it comes to banking, one generation was use to getting a physical check to deposit in the bank to receive funds. In today’s world, direct deposit has replaced the need for a physical check.

Staying relevant for some takes courage to step out, a desire to step out, and a sense of needing to step out to gain knowledge. These three components are important if one is to stay relevant.

One can be complacent in the way something has been done. In many cases, this could be years. Generally an individual tends to settle with the mindset that this is the way things have been, so if there is a change one will need the courage to break old habits and venture out past those fears.

There will need to be some level of desire to move forward regarding the change. This may take some convincing, especially if the individual is settled in their way of handling things. What can be persuasive is sharing the benefits of the change. In most cases, it will be better received when one can see the change will save time or money.

Thirdly, one must see the need to change. This also can be a difficult task, especially when ones’ previous way of performing a task or function has worked for years’. For example, before COVID many businesses conducted business without the use of an assisted APP or online service, whether they saw a need for it or not. When COVID hit, those who took advantage of the additional way to conduct business by having the courage to step out, reaped the associated business benefits. Those businesses that did not employ those revenue streams lost out.

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Stepping out to stay relevant will:

  1. Hopefully Learn Something New-change generally comes with learning something new. A process can be streamlined to allow for a smoother production and/or minimize delays.
  2. Stay Current– again most positive change helps to keep one up to date with how an industry is conducting business. New ways and fresh ideas.
  3. Recognize Change-when the way something has been done has changed it warrants all parties involved to educate themselves to what is different. E.g. Digital clocks won’t come with a knob to wind. One needs to recognize this change.
  4. Reap Benefits-Ultimately when one moves to stay relevant there should be a sense of associated satisfaction. This could simply be the fact that one is on the same leading path and in support as the industry. Performing due diligence to see how the change can impact ones’ business/life is key to seeing how much one can reap any benefits.

If you are on the edge of seeing a need to move forward don’t be. The shock of change can be lessened when due diligence is given to researching what will bring about the change. No need to fear.

Staying relevant is important if one is affected by any change within an industry; technology, medicine, sports, engineering, music, or fashion.

There are a few components that impact ones’ decision to stay relevant. One must have the courage to step out, a desire to move forward, and find a need to stay relevant.

There is something to gain when one stays relevant. New methods, up to date procedures, being aware of the new processes, and gaining a sense of collective support.

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