4 Ways to Stay Positive and Focused During COVID-19

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posted by Al Bell

The circumstances surrounding these uncertain times are quite distracting and can cause many changes in your everyday activities. From the health industry to the construction industry, large companies to small families, no one seems to be left out of this uncertainty. According to the WHO, fear, worry, and stress are part of a person’s normal response to a crisis – but these may affect a person’s general health. So how do you maintain a positive outlook while remaining focused during COVID-19? Hopefully, these few tips will help.

  1. Create a schedule and stick to it

It is easy for any form of crisis to knock you off your daily routine. For example, if you travel to work every day, you may find yourself working from home now – which may take a while to get used to. Be sure to plan your week ahead and schedule the priorities from both your work and personal life. It is essential to maintain some structure from your previous daily routine to help keep you focused. Try making an effort to get out of bed when you used to, take a bath, and dress for work- just like before. Doing this will put your mind in the right frame to take on the day’s activities.

  1. Create a workstation

Set aside some space in your home as your designated workstation. Doing this will help you remain more focused on your work and get you away from the many distractions at home. Depending on how much space you have at home, you can either prepare an area of your living room or even an unused room. Ideally, your workstation should be designed to help you stay organized during your working hours. Therefore, you should consider investing in the right kind of furniture for working from home.

  1. Remain active

It is more tempting to avoid exercising now than it has ever been, but this is the time to remain even more active. Staying active throughout each day comes with so many benefits. Aside from the fact that it will help you stay alert and focused; it will also support your cardiovascular system and help you live a healthier life at home. A straightforward way to ensure that you remain active is by taking a walk either before work or during your lunch break. If you have stairs in your home, then you can also try taking it a few times in the day.

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  1. Relax and get enough rest

Having extra time on your hands may also come with the temptation to take on added tasks – it could be a new hobby or goal. As great as this is, it is also essential to create enough time to relax and just rest. Overburdening our bodies with too many responsibilities may keep us busy, but it will cause the body and mind to break down at some point. Ensure that you practice good self-care by getting enough sleep at night and rest during the day. Doing this will help ensure that your body recuperates and is always ready for the next day.

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