Surprising Ways to Boost your Mood

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posted by Al Bell on November 3, 2020

No matter how positive we try to be, and no matter how upbeat our general demeanor is, we are all going to have occasional periods when we don’t feel as good as we would like. When these periods come along, providing they are not too serious, there are plenty of simple things we can do to boost our mood and get back on track again. Some of them are obvious such as spending more time with loved ones or doing a little exercise, but others may surprise you…


This may sound a little corny, but it has actually been scientifically proven that just the act of putting a smile on your face can be enough to cheer you up. When you smile, serotonin and dopamine are released into the brain, and since they are the chemicals most known for boosting mood, they can make a huge difference to how well you feel.

Improving your gut health

We tend to think of happiness in terms of brain health, but actually, our guts have more serotonin receptors than even the brain, which means a healthy gut can actually lead to a healthier, happier mood too. In order to boost gut health, it’s a good idea to up your intake of whole foods, especially fruits and vegetables, fiber, and fermented foods – all of which encourage good bacteria. You may also want to consider supplementing your diet with a probiotic. A lot of people wonder are probiotics a waste of money? They can be if you buy a poor one, but if you choose a good one that’s actually effective, they can transform your gut health, and thus your mood, more quickly than you might think.

Color something

Coloring isn’t just for kids. Adult coloring books are really big right now and that’s because they’re great for melting your anxieties and helping to keep you calm when you’re going through a tough time. Sure. coloring won’t solve all your problems, but it’ll give you a mindful few minutes where you can relax and just be in the moment.

Be nice to someone

Giving someone a compliment isn’t just great for their mood – it could boost yours too. Studies have shown that being kind to others is a great way to boost your own happiness levels, especially if they repay the compliment and say something nice about you too.

Write about it

You may think that sitting down to write about your troubles will only make things worse as you rehash every little thing that’s causing you to feel down, but quite the opposite is true. Journaling enables you to get your thoughts and feelings out on paper so that they’re no longer weighing your mind down. The act of writing your problems, especially if you do it physically on paper, is also a great way of finding solutions as your brain just seems to work more creatively that way.

Next time you’re feeling down, try one of these proven mood boosters and you’ll soon be feeling better again.

Credits: Pexels, Pixabay


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