Are There Healthy Benefits To Drinking Coffee?

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posted on Jan 3, 2021 by Al Bell

I’ve been drinking coffee for some years now but that was not always the case. I was never a fan of it and thought, why would one drink such a liquid. Its dark color and bitter taste were not something to delight in, so I thought. As the years unfolded and my life responsibilities changed, I had a direct chance to come to grips with my decision to not drink the stuff. 

Let me explain. 

I had just completed contract work for a client whose office was littered with coffee machines. One coffee machine stationed in the rear of the building and another at the front of the building. At the end of the job, I was offered a cup and instead of declining I accepted. With hesitation, I made a cup of coffee and flooded it with crème and sugar. I suppose one would say, I had a little coffee with my crème and sugar after I was finished preparing. Regardless, it was at this time I made the change to drinking coffee on a regular basis. Afterwards, I found myself drinking the liquid quite regularly with plenty of sugar and eventually gained weight. 

So, fast forwarding to today. What happened? Well, time and lifestyle changes happened. I grew up! I changed my entire health plan and began to take charge of my health by performing focused exercise routines, I began to drink more water, in addition to educating myself by reading what’s on the food labels. The mental change brought about many nice food and drink surprises I currently employ now. One of which is the drinking of coffee from a different perspective. I still drink it, but without the extra crème and overabundance of sugar. 

I drink the liquid black with no sugar. Unless you have a tough stomach, it does take some time to get past its acidic nature and bitter taste.  

Before you say I’m crazy, you’re probably wondering why I drink it this way? The answer is simple. For the health benefits!  

Previous studies were not as conclusive regarding the benefits of drinking coffee, but more recent ones have given the liquid a green light when it comes to health benefits. Most of the bad wrap came from individuals who also engaged in smoking, lack physical activity, and drinking. Known high risk factors that contribute to poor health. 

Today, one can drink coffee (3-5 8ounce cups a day) in moderation knowing they are contributing positively to their health. 

A brief list of benefits include coffee 

  1. Lowering type 2 diabetes 
  1. Lower the risk of stroke by keeping blood vessels flexible 
  1. High in antioxidants(Anti-aging properties)
  1. Lowering the risk of liver cancer 
  1. Increased energy levels 
  1. Clearer thinking 
  1. Lowering the risk of colorectal cancer 
  1. Reducing the risk of Alheimer’s disease 
  1. Improve endurance and performance during exercise 

So, try a cup if you have not. If you have, then maybe you need to cut back on the crème and sugar just a bit. Whatever the case, good health is worth the time and money. If you’re looking for variety in coffee and don’t mind the occasional surprise, try a Bean Box subscription. It’s relatively inexpensive and offers a wide variety of world coffee flavors. 

It is estimated that over half of the people in the United States over the age of 18(over 107 million) drink coffee every day. Are you in that number? 

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