Why Are Positive Affirmations So Valuable And Effective

posted by Al Bell on January 10, 2021

I will not be negatively influenced by what is said or done! I will respond with the inner confidence of knowing it will all work toward me being a better individual.”

If you read this statement and believe it, you will have already defeated any negative vibe or attitude to come your way.

This is the power of positive affirmations. They help to guide one from the mental depths of negativity toward a path of belief. Many athletes and well-known individuals have used them to press on and advance their career.


Anyone can use them and if one practices employing them on a regular basis, they will certainly have a few positive experiences to share.

In this post I will explain what affirmations are and why they are beneficial to use in our daily lives.

Positive Affirmations are:

Positive statements stated out loud and believed.

What is an example of a positive affirmation?

  1. I will not give up on my team
  2. I have what it takes
  3. I will relax and think the process through
  4. I will not worry about what I cannot control

When should one employ positive affirmations?

One will normally employ positive affirmations during those stressful times. Whenever that “fight or fight” feeling overwhelms an individual.

What is the science behind using Positive Affirmations?

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Why are positive affirmations used?

Most times positive affirmations are used during times of stress. For example, say an individual is preparing to take a major exam. If doubt sets in with regards to the individual performing well on the test, the individual may employ positive affirmations to mentally convince themselves of doing well. This could simply be stating the phrase “This is just a regular test of which I have studied, and I will do well!” Words, phrases, or statements used to defend against those negative and detracting thoughts are the main reason to use positive affirmations.

What makes positive affirmations so effective and valuable?

What makes positive affirmations so effective and valuable is they give the individual a special dose of “I CAN” while in the midst of or at the onset of any stressful situation. Moments of doubt and fear can be overcome by employing positive uplifting thoughts!

Quotes from others who have endured life’s challenges are a good source to use when employing positive affirmations. Here are a few:

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