Watch Out:How 2020 Vision In Business Is Taking Over And What To Do About It

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posted by Al Bell on January 21, 2020

In these unprecedented times, business is sailing a rocky, troubled sea of economic turbulence that has witnessed many enterprises deal with closure and hardship.

Now that a vaccine has been created, you may be clinging to hope for life to resume some form of normality, and celebrate a gentle return to business recovery.


2020 Vision

You may be wondering if you need to get your eyes checked, or visit an optometrist to fix your vision of the world, as the Coronavirus Pandemic continues to surge again.

As a business owner, you may also be wondering where to turn, and how you can make ends meet, or find the resources to remain afloat.

Do not give up hope.

Try to remain empathic with your clients, customers especially when dealing with the prospects of cancellations, late payments, and refunds that can hit your finances as hard as a sled hammer.

Recent studies into the effects and impact on small businesses, indicate that 65% have seen their revenues decline at the start of the Covid-19 Pandemic. This has been primarily due to reduced footfall, and the necessary restrictions and lockdowns to counter the death toll.


How To Stay Afloat in Four Steps

Your picture will have changed dramatically during the pandemic. Many businesses, clients, and consumers are now having to adapt and adopt a new approach to making purchases while also trying to keep a watchful eye on the money in the bank.

You can, however, take a look at these solutions to help keep your business thriving through this global storm by embracing the following few simple marketing strategies:

●    Consumer Reassurance

Your customers are what keep your business thriving and moving forward.

Connect with your customers via social media, via email, or add incentives to customer accounts, showing your support, reassurance and that you are there for them too. Get to know your customer’s as the most valuable asset to your business’ survival.

●    Be Vibrant and Creative

Let go of those staid, tiresome marketing strategies and get a little vibrant and creative. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Rethink how you market your products, add a little spice, and a whole lot of color to draw your customers away from the gloom and uncertainty.


●    Become The King or Queen of Social Media

Engage with your customers on a whole new level, set up a Facebook Page, a Zazzle account, or open an Etsy store. Whatever approach you choose, the key to success is to remain visible and larger than life.

●    Improve Your Presence Online

Build virtual relationships with your customers and clients. You will need to be compassionate, thoughtful, mindful, empathic, and genuine in your approach to customers. Listen to what they have to say, and try not to brush them off if you disagree. Be a little open and vulnerable.

Create the right content for your website or social media posts.

But most importantly, you also need to take time to adapt to the new normal too.

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