Change Can Be Difficult But You Have What It Takes To Manage

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posted on January 27, 2021, by Al Bell

If there is one thing that is constant in life outside of death and taxes, it is change. Change is often overlooked perhaps because man is so comfortable with settling. Think about the times you settled in a dated plan or had old equipment that worked and then over time you had to change because it became outdated. This is much like how life is and the sooner one accepts change as a part of life, the better one will become at adapting.

At first glance, change can be seen as this huge storm off in the distance causing havoc as it approaches but when analyzed closely beforehand and afterward, its presence is in many cases needed. Although storms have the potential to be devastating, they do have a few benefits. Storms can bring water to an area in drought, recharge the atmosphere with nitrogen which acts as a fertilizer and help in washing away built-up bacteria and chemicals in an area. Similarly, one can have a volatile experience at first when adopting change but enjoy delayed benefits sometime later.

When it comes to navigating through life, a change could be needed to learn a new skill, employ another income stream, renew family relationships, adopt a healthier lifestyle or seek out a hobby.

Employ these basic life tips to help you navigate when presented with change.

  1. Must Be Real with Thyself- When faced with change at first, there is this sort of denial one goes through of whether it is real or not. Understanding that life events happen to bring about change is the first step to accepting it.  Just as some animals go through a metamorphosis in their growth, likewise man must also go through a metamorphosis of some sort to grow in life.
  2. Adopt A Victor’s Attitude– One of the most important pieces of equipment one uses when going into battle, is their weapon. In addition, one needs to have their mind geared toward victory. The mind, where one’s center of thinking or motivation emanates, will ultimately guide the rest of the body into action. Adopting a victors’ attitude will help one greatly in proceeding from the start of change, throughout the midst of change, and on toward the end of change.
  3. Chance of Difficulty– There is nothing that says change will be difficult, but because one generally enjoys a moment of complacency and stillness there can be struggle when change is expected. That being said, most change is good. For example, cell phones today do not look the same as when they were first introduced. Could you imagine using one of the first-generation cell phones, today. We would all be walking around with boat anchors. Of course, this is an exaggeration, but you get the point. Although this type of change may not have been as difficult to accept, there could have been a few who were attached to their 1st generation cell phones. The point is one must understand the difficulty of change is directly tied to our willingness to change. One who is willing to adjust, will lessen the difficulty.
  4. Allow Time– With anything, time is important. For example, it takes time to make a cake, it takes time to build a house, it takes time to grow into a young adult, it takes time to build genuine relationships, and it takes time for food to grow. One has to understand that with any change or challenge, time is a component of that change and must be recognized. The time could end up being a week, a month, or a year. Regardless, due process of time will be necessary in order for one to learn what needs to be learned.
  5. Employs Helps– There can be a struggle with any change. That struggle could be to accept a new process or adopt new ways to interact with customers. In this case, expect to get help in the new process. Seek guidance from a friend, a fellow associate, or professional. Depending on the challenge and in today’s climate, one might even seek out Google or YouTube for help. It’s never a good idea to go it alone. Getting help can ease the stress that goes along with accepting a new challenge.

Credits; photos Fabrizio Verrecchia , Sonja Langford


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