The Grind Never Stops

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Do you ever wonder why it seems like life always presents challenges that never seem to stop? I have. I use to think that going through life would be smooth sailing. Call me naïve if you want, I use to have a grand idea about starting something and getting the result quickly and fast without a hiccup.  

Well, times have changed and so has my thinking. I suppose it was from the moment I decided to leave the nest and go to college. It was here where life showed me how tough things could be. I should have known, right? I was in college and should’ve known what to expect. Dealing with days riddled with assignments and obligated on nights to go to work was a grind but one well worth it. Those times helped to frame the thinking to expect good things over time.  

You see, there were moments that I thought there was no end in sight. Assignment over assignment had been given with moderate success and there was a period where giving up seemed to be the only option. What carried me though, were the small successes. Championing a quiz here and overcoming a test there seemed to do the trick. 

In the end, I recognized that life is a grind we all have to endure. There will be ups to manage and there will be downs to overcome.  

So, as we approach the end of the year know that although tough times have been experienced those good moments are approaching. Below I share some guide points to get you through. 

  1. Adopt a few daily affirmations to help you mentally stay focused. 
  1. Never think ill-will of self. If your born into the world you have purpose. 
  1. Engage in a good stress-relieving activity. Something you enjoy participating in. 
  1. Entertain a healthy intuitive-eating lifestyle where food restrictions are limited not removed. 
  1. Laugh-Smile-Laugh-Smile 
  1. Exercise the mind through reading fiction and non-fiction material.  
  1. Release those burdens. Whatever, whoever release. 
  1. Embrace a patient mindset. Understand that not all things happen over-night. Some things take time. 
  1. Relax and give yourself credit. Learning the nuances of life can take some time. Just as it takes time to learn a craft give yourself time to learn and grow. 
  1. Be open to guidance. We are individuals in a world of many. Just as there are pieces to a puzzle be open to connect with another. 

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