A Fresh Perspective for the New Year 

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Here we are again toward the end of another year. Many are enjoying the moments with friends and family while others endure the absence of loved ones. Businesses are winding up with year-end projects, most children are out of school for a couple of weeks and the times are festive with lights, laughs, and the sharing of gifts.  

This is also a suitable time for one to mentally assess their personal growth. Just as leaders conduct assessment reports on how well a business is performing from year to year, individuals can do the same. Whether an individual is operating a personal business or managing a career, assessing one’s personal growth has become a topic of importance today. Mainly because mental health is a key factor in one’s productivity and performance. 

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Although studies are ongoing, researchers highlight that well-being or whole wellness, a component of mental health can hinge on a variety of factors which are social, economic, emotional, physical, and development based. Early findings note the presence of positive emotions and moods, the absence of negative emotions, a level of satisfaction within life, and some form of positive functioning or fulfillment all play a part in one’s mental health thus encouraging overall good mental wellness. 

For example, being employed with good benefits along with eating healthy will encourage less stress as compared to someone who is not employed. Priorities are drastically different. While one seeks a means to have food, the other does not. The economic pressure can affect the emotional, social, and physical needs of the individual who is not employed. Thus, impacting one’s mental wellness. 

Social anxiety disorder or the fear of one being in social settings can affect one’s mental health through the fear of being judged or scrutinized by others. This is the opposite of one who enjoys being a part of or even hosting parties. To the one, social events are an opportunity to display actions while to the other it can be seen as a death trap of scrutiny. The fear of being ridiculed can be too much to the individual and may physically impact to the point of sweating, feeling nauseous, and even rapid heartbeat.  

As the year ends, assess your wellness. Have you started a physical fitness plan? Is your eating plan on par with the goals set? How do you handle stress? What about your mental wellness? 

Whatever the answers know that a focused wellness plan that includes eating well with a good physical fitness routine is encouraged. In addition, employing stress management techniques will reinforce good overall mental health. Below are a few tips to help you on your journey. 

Proper Rest-  

Eat healthy foods- 

Exercise, exercise, exercise- 

Relax meditation techniques- 

Laugh a lot- 

Professional guidance- 

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