Those Moments Are Meaningful 

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As one travels their path in this life there are sure to be times of enlightenment and confusion. One only needs to review the last year of their life. In it, one could have encountered great gains in something loved while at the same time pressing through a personal health challenge. It is life’s way of teaching humanity important lessons on survival. One thing is for sure that an individual will wonder the reasoning and purpose behind why such events happened.  

Today, many deal with similar circumstances and need help managing the ever-changing challenges life can present. However the events present themselves, it is always good for one to take pause and learn from them; For those moments are meaningful. Whether the circumstances are of a physical nature, financial obligation, personal challenge, or family nature an individual can always be prepared to learn from it. 

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This is easier said than done though. We often desire the uncomplicated way when it comes to learning. We should know better though, since school as we know it is not structured this way. Studying to take a test should be engrained within us to the point the training becomes second nature. This is what is expected.  

But what happens when the process of learning does not happen this way? Are we prepared? Does the experience take us by surprise? Are we ready to learn from the experience?  

Far too often we get settled on one way to learn and that is in the classroom. I say this is not always the case because life may have other plans. What is life you say? Life according to Merriam-Webster dictionary is… the quality that distinguishes a vital and functional being from a dead body, an organismic state characterized by capacity for metabolism. 

For those who have a life and live day to day, the definition may have another meaning. “Life is a journey filled with a plethora of emotions that reach fulfillment through a focused mind” 

The fact that emotions are involved introduces a whole new aspect to living life. Not only is there a physical body to house the organs, muscles, and sinew there is the emotional aspect. Love, hate, anger, remorse, empathy are a few and help make up this lifestyle.  

When life presents a challenge know that that moment has meaning. Know that it is not about being in a physical classroom but in the classroom of life. Life teaches in many ways. It could be through some physical challenge like a sickness. It could surface as a financial circumstance through job cuts. It could show through a strained relationship caused by mistrust. However it shows, it is important to employ these strategies to help manage through. 

  • Seek professional guidance if circumstance is too overwhelming 
  • Know that there is a life lesson to be learned 
  • You are not alone. Others have gone through a similar challenge 
  • The challenge could be present to redirect your steps  
  • Always keep your head up and looking forward to the positive 
  • Never give up 
  • Utilize Positive Affirmations to get you through
  • Employ strategies that help to release stress. Physical fitness activities (walking, running, racquetball, resistance training 
  • Talk it out with a trustworthy friend 

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