Healthy Habits Over Stressing

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Life can hit hard sometimes, no doubt about that. When it does, there is a choice that must be made, and depending on that choice, hinges one’s mental health survival. 

The choice to move on, learn from it and survive, or the choice to give in. The decision to move on and learn from it seems to be the logical answer but the impact of some life events can leave one in a danger zone of despair. 

This is not a place one should stay, so what should one do to defend their mental health? The Center for Disease Control notes that 1 in 5 Americans will experience a mental illness in a given year. With stats like this, it is imperative that a plan to guard one’s mental health be a top priority. 

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Life circumstances regarding health are a major contributor to mental illness today. Health conditions like cancer and diabetes can lead to depression affecting one’s mental health. A high-stakes job environment where the pressure of completing daily task requirements can lead to stress, affecting one’s mental health. 

I personally worked in a high-stakes work environment that had me mentally working around the clock although I was not physically at work. The pressure of meeting the daily demands started to take a toll on me physically and mentally. My diet was filled with high carbs and processed sugars. My sleep was affected because I worried about the team and meeting the ever-changing demands. I finally realized my mental health was in jeopardy and a change had to be made. 

I decided to do something about it and fought off stressing by adopting healthy habits. In a way, healthy habits helped transform the negative energy into positive self-improvement energy. 

I adopted a regular fitness training routine that helped to lose those extra pounds and get toned. I commenced a regular reading regimen to help settle and calm my mind. I wrote more to express my thoughts just as I am sharing now. I also incorporated daily affirmations to help guide my mind in a positive direction. 

This was the decision I made to defend against life’s stressful moments, and it was the best decision I ever made. On a regular basis, I incorporate these strategies, but that was not it. I also included a few more as I enjoyed the daily clarity of mind, the overall mental and physical health benefits, and lastly the freedom from not being weighed down by those stressful circumstances. 

I also included and share: 

  • Laughed more and encouraged smiling 
  • Separated from negative energy 
  • Enjoyed professional guidance 
  • Adopted an empathetic mindset 
  • Incorporated 2 –minute breathing sessions 
  • Hydrated with more water daily 
  • Held myself accountable 
  • Cut out complaining 
  • Valued true friendships 

Thank you for the read and as always stay encouraged. Comments welcomed.

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