The Benefits of Stepping Up Your Reading

I stepped up my reading game and here is why but first let me explain how I got to this point. I promise it is not a long story but one that is important enough to share. Especially since many of us have experienced similar journeys in life.

I was not always a fan of reading growing up, in fact, it was difficult to grasp since my home environment did not encourage it. The closest I got to reading was in grade school when Mr. Tittle practically beat the concept into us.

He was a tall, dark, and stern fellow who demanded excellence in the details of reading and writing. I struggled to grasp it since reading was not particularly high on the learning scale at home. I mean, it was important but not important enough for my parents to spend the time reinforcing the basics of reading and writing. Looking back, I know now that the priority to survive was of the utmost importance. You see, my parents were divorced, and mom had to do what she could to live and provide for both me and my brother. Despite it all, she pressed and cared for us with a passion to succeed in whatever our hands found to do, no matter what.

It was in this environment, I sought to seek other options to learn the fundamentals of reading and writing. When mom could not devote quality time to helping me, I was introduced to a tutor who could. To date, I cannot tell you who my tutors were, but I attribute much of my success to them who diligently sacrificed quality moments when it was needed. I will be forever grateful.

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Fast-forwarding to today and looking back I do not regret a moment and can honestly say life has been the ultimate teacher. I passionately believe that some of the most important lessons have been taught by life and no other. Life has allowed me to have been employed several times, life has opened learning opportunities to excel in education, life has blessed me to father a family, and life has opened my mind to the important life principle of not giving up.

I say this because we all have at some point encountered a life learning moment that causes pause and will have us ask the question “why is this happening?”

It was then that I found the importance of reading. I realized that through much of the confusion I could find solace through reading. You see, at one point in my life, I endured a financial crisis that nearly left me and my family broke. It was not until I changed my approach that things began to get better and set us on a path toward success. During those times I sought guidance and began to read. Reading really helped me to expand my knowledge and gave me a bit of closure.

At that time, I read mainly non-fiction books that were of the textbook, biography, and history genre. I was really into studying up on anything that was fact-based. Especially finance, money, and mindset. Now, I am looking to expand into the fiction realistic genre in addition to others. So far, it has been interestingly fun. I have cried, laughed, smirked, and felt concerned all in one sitting.

What I found to be one of the best things about stepping my game up with reading is how it impacts my mental wellness. It allows my mind to settle from the chaos of a busy day in addition to being a cheap option to gain knowledge on a topic as compared to paying for expensive lecture sessions. Reading provides a way to reduce stress and improve memory not to mention it is a cool way to get away from an otherwise hectic environment.

So, there you have it. My personal experience with stepping my reading game up. I hope you can identify with it and know there will always be an opportunity. When it presents itself, take it and plan to study up. You deserve it.

Thanks for the read. For more on mental wellness go to The Water Whole website.

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