We are Made Mentally Tough 

Have you ever wondered how we are able to stand when faced with a life circumstance that seemingly is bigger than we are?  

Or do you ever wonder how one is able to bounce back from a traumatic experience

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It is because we are made mentally tough and able to withstand. 

Think about the body itself. It is built on a framework of bones and strung together with muscle fibers. Every bone is interconnected by ligaments and sinew. Every organ is perfectly fitted where it is designed to go and functions without anyone having to program. 

When we think of it, the body is an amazing machine. If we compare it to something that is made such as an automobile, we begin to see how much the body stands apart.  

Firstly, an automobile must be programmed to function as intended. Secondly, most automobiles have parts that most times last only a few years and then need to be replaced.  

With the body, there is no programming by man. The human body functions as it should without any human intervention. Even the organs, outside of any extraordinary circumstances that are designed for the body have been proven to last for years. 

This is why we are built tough and able to endure many life circumstances.  

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So why do I feel the way I feel when I am faced with a life crisis? It is because of two fundamental truths. 

One is that we are all human beings that are built around a framework of emotions that center on the five senses. 

Taste, touch, smell, hearing, and seeing are the senses that help us navigate our daily interactions. Through these senses, we can gauge whether something tastes good or feels good to the touch. From here we may end up being happy and satisfied.  

On the other hand, hearing of someone’s death may cause us to feel sad and get emotional.  

The second, is we are all creatures made in a fleshly framework of wanting to feel good all the time and desiring the best.  

Now, this might not seem like a bad concept at all at first but when one begins to dig a bit deeper, it includes many of the negative nuances too. For example, we all know sugar or sugar sources are good for the body. Why? Because these sources provide energy to the cells which in turn provide energy to the organs to function. 

But what happens when there is too much sugar introduced as a fuel source for the body? One begins to encounter health problems because of the nutritional imbalance.  

The same happens when the desire of wanting to feel good all the time and wanting the best are profound.  

Let me explain. When one is even-keel-minded, he/she tends to not react too emotionally either way. So, depending on the life event, the reaction will be sad but not overly depressed and if happy not overly joyous. One will be reserved in their being sad and in being happy. 

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Sometimes our desire for things to turn out well all the time is not realistic. In the cycle of life, there is growth, there is death, and everything in between. Both work together to create the proper balance in life itself. 

A temperate mind helps to defend against the emotional imbalance that can occur from being too emotionally high. 

So, understanding how these two fundamentals are intertwined within our life after birth is the first step to knowing why we are built tough. 

Learn “How to Unlock the Victor Within” in the next post. 

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