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Welcome to the Book Shelf. Here you will find a few good reads that can positively impact one’s life journey. Since one most likely goes through life, not on their own, it is imperative that one establishes a connection with another to help them transition from one life experience to the next.

Outside of making friends, reading is a good way to intellectually connect with others. It is known that when one spends the time to read another’s thoughts one can not only learn something that they did not know before but also get a chance to delve into the mind of another and learn a new perspective.

Below is a shared bookshelf of information geared to increase one’s knowledge and provide encouragement to keep pressing on.

Most of the reads are offered as free suggestions but a few are affiliated links to help support those who have taken the time to research, design, and package the information. Your support would be greatly appreciated.

Take a moment to browse.

Struggling with Serendipity by Cindy Kolbe

Encountering traumatic life experiences have the potential to cause one to lose focus and become catastrophic. Cindy with her daughter have found a way to answer those jarring times. This read will surely cause one to take pause and value life’s every waking moment.

The Blogger’s Survival Guide by Nicola

Get the most important blogging tips in a quick and easy downloadable format. If you started blogging already this is a great refresher guide to make sure one has all blogging strategies covered. One will be glad they reviewed it!

These are a few suggested good reads. The WateringWhole is always open to promoting encouraging life hacks and business tips. If you would like to contribute please don’t hesitate to leave a contact request

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