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The “IGOTYOU” Podcast

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Patience Is King "IGotYou" podcast

How many times in those younger years were you told to "be patient" when you really wanted something? This is really the way of life. Many today have been duped into thinking one can get what one desires at that moment when it is asked. This is really a farse because much of what is of value will take time. Flowers take time to grow as well as it takes time for a baby to mature enough to be born. Adopting a mindset to be patient is important. Having it will allow for a lot less stress and heartache.
  1. Patience Is King
  2. The Grind Never Stops
  3. Tips To Stay Focused On Your Goals
  4. The Year of 2020 In Review
  5. You Are Important And Add Value

Facing a problem? What do you do? by AL Bell

Do you ever think, why does life have to present challenges? If you do, then you are not alone. Life has a way of teaching us through the challenge so we will remember how to navigate through it the next time. 

In this podcast, Al will offer a few tips as to where one’s mind should focus when going through a challenge. If one’s mindset looks to learn in the situation the process won’t feel as daunting. 

The right mindset is key to any learning process. 

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